Augustana Educational Outcomes

The official seal of Augustana University

Augustana University provides an education of enduring worth that informs vocations of faith, life and service in family, work, and community.

Augustana University students will:

  1. Gain knowledge of human cultures and the natural world through:
    1. Study in the natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages, and the arts
    2. Exploring the Christian traditions and Lutheran scholarly heritage
  2. Develop strong intellectual practices in:
    1. Critical and creative thinking
    2. Analytical reasoning
    3. Ethical reasoning
    4. Effective communication
    5. Quantitative literacy
    6. Information literacy
    7. Cross-cultural literacy
  3. Deepen their understanding of personal and social responsibility through:
    1. Informed engagement with diverse value systems
    2. Civic knowledge and engagement, both locally and globally
    3. Care for self, community, and the world
  4. Apply what they have learned through:
    1. Integrative learning
    2. Experiential learning