Goal: Physical Campus and IT

Augustana University Campus

To achieve the goal of adapting its physical campus and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to inspire and support generations of Augustana students to come ...

GOAL #1: Transform the physical campus to include new and enhanced facilities that serve the educational, spiritual and holistic needs of Augustana’s students, faculty and staff, and inspire the community who utilize our campus.

1a. Establish criteria for decision making, setting priorities, and resource allocation to implement a holistic Campus Master Plan to include new and existing buildings – specifically, academic buildings, student housing and recreation, athletics and campus support facilities.

1b. Enhance existing facilities to elevate the student experience, foster invigorating learning environments, meet program needs, and improve space utilization while adding asset value to campus.


  • Enhance campus facilities through new and improved infrastructure, including an improved utility distribution system, enhanced sustainability plan, landscape master plan, and campus heritage plan incorporating a historic preservation management plan.
  • Designate physical spaces across campus, including a multicultural center for activities and dialogue focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

1c. Enhance campus infrastructure to include information technology, landscaping and sustainability as well as parking, accessibility and wayfinding to meet the future needs of the university.


  • Implement a mixed-use development on the corner of 33rd Street & Grange Avenue by partnering with the community on services that may include fitness, financial services, retail, healthcare, and educational opportunities.
  • Invigorate the Morrison Commons as a central community hub and student center with expanded dining, study, social and entertainment options.
  • Design modern residence hall expansions and renovation along with innovative neighborhood student housing options.
  • Renovate the Chapel of Reconciliation to enhance natural lighting and technological capacity to support additional programming.
  • Develop new and enhanced recreational and outdoor spaces across campus.
  • Renovate and repurpose Old Main and East Hall to align with programmatic needs and to preserve the heritage of Augustana University.
  • Upgrade, build, and enhance athletics facilities to support all sports programs in compliance with Title IX and Division I needs.

GOAL #2: Transform Augustana into a dynamic digital campus through emerging technologies, excellent connectivity, and best practices in cybersecurity that serve student learning, enable innovative teaching and research, and support the university’s business processes and overall mission.

2a. Update IT infrastructure to accommodate increased bandwidth requirements, create redundant connectivity to the Internet and resources on campus, improve network performance and WiFi saturation, and secure data on premises and in the cloud.


  • Create redundant connectivity and implement cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Update IT infrastructure to accommodate increased need for network performance in research, academics, athletics, and business operations through enhanced bandwidth, connectivity, and performance.


  • Update WiFi infrastructure to enable access for new technologies and for saturation of publicly accessible locations.

2b. Foster an innovative teaching environment to include digital and hybrid learning opportunities that improve the access, portability, and real-world application of our academic programs.


  • Establish an IT infrastructure and culture of digital fluency that enhances student learning.
  • Adopt the Canvas learning management system.


  • Continue implementation of digital and hybrid learning opportunities aligned to academic programs.