Phase I Progress and Enterprise Goals

Phase I Progress and Enterprise Goals

Phase I (2019-2022)

Key successes:

  • Established the Center for Interdisciplinary Programs and approved two new programs - Medical Humanities & Society and Environmental Studies
  • Established the Sharon Lust School of Education, with Dr. Laurie Daily announced as the inaugural dean
  • Established the School of Music, with Dr. Peter Folliard announced as the inaugural dean
  • Approved the curriculum for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, led by Dr. Matthew Volansky
  • Approved the MBA program, launching this fall with the hiring of inaugural director, Dr. Anissa Goehring

2020-2021 Enterprise Goals:

  • Establish the School of Business
  • Establish the School of Health Professions
  • Establish distinctive academic programs including 4-year, graduate, certificate and associate pathways
  • Expand faculty exponential mentoring model to strengthen the focus of instructional technology integration
  • Complete feasibility study for optometry

Enrollment & Strategic Scholarships
Key successes:

  • Developed a comprehensive student recruitment plan to elevate brand awareness and increase enrollment
  • Established impact scholarships to provide fully expendable annual scholarship support to students with greater financial need
  • Celebrated the first graduates of Augustana’s Diversity Advocate Certification Program

2020-2021 Enterprise Goals:

  • Invest in retention software to enhance effective collaboration among faculty, student success, and student life
  • Launch the Virtual Viking remote learning platform to expand digital and hybrid learning opportunities aligned to academic programs
  • Enhance the support structures around diversity policies, practices and initiatives to reflect institutional commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Key successes:

  • Implemented new A-Club and season ticket structure
  • Developed missed class-time policy
  • Launched student-athlete nutrition program
  • Created athletic administration internships and other programming with an emphasis on female students and students of color

2020-2021 Enterprise Goals:

  • Seek and receive invitation to Division I multi-sport conference
  • Centralize and coordinate student-athlete health care and performance training
  • Develop sports-specific strategic plans
  • Expand community engagement activities


Physical Campus & IT
Key successes:

  • Developed and approved holistic Campus Master Plan
  • Established criteria for decision making, setting priorities, and resource allocation to implement the Campus Master Plan
  • Established sustainability plan, landscape master plan, campus heritage plan and historic preservation management plan
  • Created redundant connectivity and implemented cybersecurity initiatives

2020-2021 Enterprise Goals:

  • Implement the Canvas learning management system
  • Identify funding partner and financing mechanism to move forward with prioritized capital projects
  • Adopt a university customized app to enhance communication and engagement with current and prospective students

Enduring Commitments
2020-2021 Enterprise Goals:

  • Develop systemic model to embed service learning in the Augustana experience
  • Strengthen promotion and increase mental health/wellness services and support to students
  • Support and encourage participation in the Diversity Advocacy Certification Program to ensure organizational accountability by equipping employees with resources and tools to effectively manage and work with an increasingly diverse workforce and student body
  • Develop greater brand awareness and effectively share the Augustana story with targeted geographic and program-specific undergraduate and graduate markets
  • Develop a governance model for an academic structure that includes a College of Arts & Sciences and four schools

2020-2021 Enterprise Goals:

  • Complete 50% ($53M) of the Leadership Phase of the Viking Bold Campaign
  • Secure 50 annual impact scholarships
  • Meet or exceed $700,000 unrestricted annual fund dollars