Board of Trustees

The Augustana University Board of Trustees sets policy and manages the business and academic affairs of the University. The Board selects and assesses the performance of the President and with the President, establishes, maintains and upholds the mission, core values and vision of the University. It is ultimately responsible for fiscal management and academic programming and ensures the well-being of the faculty, students and staff of the University.

Trustees serve on committees established by the Board. They include Academic Affairs, Student Life, Financial Management, Institutional Resources (Advancement and Enrollment), Governance and Nominating.

Trustees are elected every December by delegates to the annual meeting of the Augustana University Association. They may serve up to four, three-year terms. Meetings are normally held on campus in September, December and April. Trusteeship is an exciting, rewarding and demanding experience that requires time, commitment, and intellectual energy.

Following are the Augustana University Board of Trustees.

Jill Weber Aanenson '93Jill Weber Aanenson '93Board Chair
Scientific Consulting, Inc.
Freeman, South Dakota

Pat McAdaragh '81Pat McAdaragh '81, Vice Chair
President and CEO
Burnsville, Minnesota


Melinda Keith '89Melinda Keith Snell '89, Secretary
Senior Director, Customer Experience
Hunter Douglas
Denver, Colorado


Tom Davis '83Tom Davis '83, Immediate Past Chair
President and CEO
Zimmer Biomet Davis
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Scott Barth '91Scott Barth '91
Regional Vice President
Thrivent Financial
Madison, Wisconsin


Maria Bell '91Dr. Maria Bell '84
Chief Medical Officer, Sanford Development & Research
Gynecologic Oncologist, Sanford Health
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Dennis Bly '94Dennis Bly '94
Global Offering Manager for Academic Developers
San Diego, California


Greg Daniels '75Greg Daniels '75
Retired Executive Director
Ernst & Young, LLP
Cleveland, Ohio


Paul O. Harmel '72Paul Harmel '72
Retired CEO
Lifetouch, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Rickard Hedeby '83Rickard Hedeby ‘83
Intertec International
Phoenix, Arizona


Dr. H. Gene Hoyme '72Dr. Gene Hoyme '72
Medical Director, Sanford Children’s Genomic Medicine Consortium
Senior Advisor, Center for Applied Genetics & Genomic Medicine
The University of Arizona College of Medicine
Tucson, Arizona

Jillian Klein '01Jillian Klein '01
Senior Vice President of Government & Regulatory Affairs
Strategic Education, Inc.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Cassandra Kranz '16Cassandra Kranz '16
Young Trustee
Senior Analyst
Minneapolis, Minneapolis

Cheryl Leuning '72Dr. Cheryl Leuning '72
Professor, Department of Nursing
Augsburg University
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Craig R. LloydCraig R. Lloyd 
Founder & Board Chairman
Lloyd Companies
Sioux Falls, South Dakota



Lois Van Dam Martin '85Lois Martin '85
Mortenson Company
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Ron MoquistRonald Moquist
Retired President & CEO
Raven Industries
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Kevin Nyberg '79Kevin Nyberg '79
Nyberg's Ace
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Jim Odland '77James Odland '77
Vice President & Managing Counsel
Thrivent Financial
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Mike Olson '72Dr. Mike Olson '72
Family Practice Physician
Sanford Health
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Pastor Nyla SchoeldRev. Nyla Schoeld
First Lutheran Church
Brookings, South Dakota


Keith SeversonKeith Severson '79
Retired CPA and Partner
Eide Bailly, LLP
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Kathy WalshKathy Walsh
Civic Volunteer
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Todd M. WilliamsTodd M. Williams
Founder, Managing Partner
Fusjon Group
Chicago, Illinois