AU Secure Wireless Setup

Students and staff should use our AU Secure WiFi network (not the AU Gest network which has limited access is intended for conferences and guests of the university).

  • On-campus - Follow the specific instructions for your WiFi enabled computer, tablet, phone, or tv/consumer device in the list below.
  • Off-campus - Pre-configured your computer, tablet, and phone to join the AU Secure wireless before you arrive on campus. Follow the specific instructions for your device in the list below.
  • BYOD devices - To set up all other consumer electronics and media devices such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray, Roku, Apple TV etc, follow the instructions below for BYOD devices below.

Details for specific Operating Systems and devices:

Been using AU Guest? System auto-connecting to AU Onboarding?  Follow this Wireless Troubleshooting link first to help your system properly join AU Secure.

Wireless Troubleshooting