About Us

The Augustana Universtiy Department of Campus Safety comes under the charge of the Vice President for Student Services.

The Department of Campus Safety maintains 24/7/365 coverage of the campus community.  The Department consists of the Director, two full-time sergeants, four full-time officers, five part-time officers, six special events officers, one secretary, and twenty four students dispatchers. 

The Department of Campus Safety also utilizes off-duty law enforcement officers during large events and for dignitary protection details.

Campus Safety Officers are not sworn police officers and do not carry firearms.  Campus Safety officers are empowered to enforce Augustana University policies and regulations and can make a citizen's arrest under state law.

Sioux Falls Police routinely work and communicate with campus officers on any serious incidents occurring on campus or in the immediate neighborhood surrounding campus.  When a Augustana University student is involved in an off-campus offense, Campus Safety officers may assist with the investigation in cooperation with local, state, or federal law enforcement.

While the Sioux Falls Police Department has primary jurisdiction in all areas of the campus, Campus Safety officers can and do respond to student-related incidents that occur in close proximity to campus.  Campus Safety officers stay in communication with city police, fire department, and ambulance services to facilitate rapid response in any emergency situation.

Command Staff:  Left to right - Director Galen Smidt, Sergeant Gary Henningsen, Sergeant Mike Humpal