Academic Catalog


Following is a listing of all academic programs available at Augustana along with whether they are available as a major, minor and/or pre-professional program. Also available are:

Academic Programs Major Minor Pre-Professional
Accounting X X  
Accountancy, Professional X    
American Studies X X  
Ancient Languages   X  
Anthropology X X  
Architecture     X
Art X X  
Athletic Training X    
Biochemistry X    
Biochemistry (ACS) X    
Biology X X  
Business Administration X X  
Chemical Physics X    
Chemistry X X  
Chemistry (ACS) X    
Children and Youth   X  
Chiropractic     X
Classics X X  
Communication Disorders X    
Communication Studies X X  
Communication Studies/Business X    
Computer Information Systems X X  
Computer Science X X  
Data Science X X  
Dentistry     X
Economics X X  
Education, All-Grades (Must double major) X    
Education, Secondary (2nd major only) X    
Elementary Education X    
Engineering     X
Engineering Physics X    
English X X  
Entrepreneurship   X  
Exercise Science X    
Finance X    
Fitness Management X X  
French X X  
General Studies Courses      
Gender Studies   X  
Genetic Counseling     X
German X X  
Gerontology   X  
Government & International Affairs X X  
Health, PE and Recreation (endorsement)      
History X X  
Interdisciplinary X    
International Studies (2nd major only) X    
Journalism X X  
Law     X
Mathematics X X  
Management X    
Marketing X    
Media Studies X X  
Medical Humanities   X  
Medical Laboratory Science X    
Medicine     X
Modern Foreign Languages X X  
Mortuary Science     X
Music X X  
Music Education X    
Native American Studies      
Northern Plains Studies   X  
Nursing X    
Occupational Therapy     X
Optometry     X
Pharmacy     X
Philosophy X X  
Physical Education X    
Physical Therapy     X
Physician Assistant     X
Physics X X  
Political Philosophy   X  
Psychology X X  
Religion X X  
Religion/Philosophy X    
Sign Language Interpreting X    
Sign Language Studies   X  
Social Studies Teaching (3rd major only) X    
Sociology X X  
Spanish X X  
Special Education (Must double-major with ELED) X X  
Sport Management X    
Theatre X X  
Theology     X
Veterinary Medicine     X
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