Civitas Honors Program

While intellectual challenge is at the heart of an Augustana education, some students desire an even more academically rigorous and focused experience. We encourage those students to become part of Augustana’s Civitas Honors Program. Civitas is the Latin word for citizenship.

The Civitas Honors Program encourages students to explore the characteristics of citizenship through small, innovative classes that explore contemporary issues as they relate to citizenship on the Augustana campus, in the United States and across the globe.  Read more...

Applying to Civitas

Each freshman Civitas cohort is limited to 40 participants and is open to students from all academic majors. Selection priority will be given to students who possess a minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 3.50. Applications will continue to be accepted until the freshman honors class is full. Civitas applications should include the following:

  • A complete Civitas application form
  • A sample of what you consider to be your best, most innovative high school work. This might include a piece of art, a written work (essay, poetry, research paper), a science project, musical composition, video, or any original work you think provides insight into how you can contribute to the program.

We often receive requests for more specific details about submissions for admission. We intentionally avoid narrowly defining our expectations, but provide the following examples of previously submitted work. Please note that these are just samples. Submissions should represent what you believe to be your most innovative high school work. We have received excellent submissions in a variety of forms, from standard research papers to pieces of performing and visual art.

Research Paper: “Wind Power – An Answer for the Future?”
Musical Composition: “Newark to New York via Lincoln Tunnel”
Senior Research Paper: “Physiological Problems Associated with Stage 1 Alzheimer’s”

CIVITAS Acceptance

Students who meet the November 15 deadline will be notified about admission to the program in December.  Applications will continue to be reviewed and students notified of admission on a rolling basis until the freshman cohort is filled. Upon admission, students are asked to confirm their desire to be placed into the Civitas program by completing the online Civitas Program Confirmation form.

Honors Study Abroad

Civitas is a proud member of the Principia Consortium, a group of 25 college honors programs that offer honors study abroad opportunities through the University of Glasgow in Scotland. While in Scotland, Civitas students take a required interdisciplinary honors seminar on the Scottish Enlightenment and two to four other courses that fill their major requirement or serve as electives. While in the United Kingdom, students also have the opportunity to spend weekends and breaks traveling throughout Europe. For more information, please consult the Principia brochure or Augustana alum Maggie Dally’s blog Castles, Kilts, and Rain, which documents her experiences while studying in Glasgow in 2012.

Some Civitas students choose to incorporate study or research abroad into their final Vocation Project. With the support of their Vocation Project advisor, students can apply for funding from the Civitas Committee to aid in their off-campus study and research. Aimee Fisher, a senior art and education major, is spending January interim 2015 living and working at an orphanage in northern India. Check out her blog, "Vocation: Sri Ram Ashramto."

Frequently Asked Questions

CIVITAS Student Handbook

Final Vocation Projects

Questions can be directed to Dr. Will Swart, Civitas director and professor of Sociology.

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