Internships and Hands-On Learning

At Augustana University, students have the opportunity to apply principles of business through practical experience in the Sioux Falls community or other locations across the country. Internships provide students with the experience they need to begin a successful career in business and help them consider whether they prefer working in small or large businesses or even starting their own business.

Following are descriptions of recent student internships, including roles and duties, as well as tips on how to find the best internship.

100% of Summer 2019 internship supervisors reported student performance as outstanding or very good in areas such as:

  • enthusiasm and job positivity

  • understanding and following directions 

  • completing tasks promptly and accurately

  • learning systems and procedures quickly and accurately 

  • recognizing problems

  • showing initiative and seeking additional responsibilities 

  • following up and monitoring their own performance

  • effectively communicating orally and in writing 

“I think Augustana does a wonderful job of helping students find and get placed in internships. Not only do advisors want their students to find an internship, but they want their students to find an internship that really sparks their interests. Augustana has been extremely helpful in finding a career that suits me.”


Sodak's Marina

This summer I decided to complete my internship at Sodak’s Marina, a family owned business located at Lake Madison. My title was Management Assistant, which had many duties to it. During my internship, I managed the deposits by going through the cash register every day and ensuring that the cash, checks, and credit cards balanced out. Each day I ordered parts from our vendors and inventoried these parts when they came in the following morning. I also managed the store’s QuickBooks—entering in all the receipts from various vendors and other expenses, all while reconciling the statements at the end of the month. In addition to bookkeeping, I assisted customers with daily sales and phone calls, filled out different work orders, communicated with the customers about the work that was done, and occasionally helped customers with new and used boat sales. Overall, this internship at Sodak’s Marina was an enjoyable experience and taught me a lot about life and business skills.  — Josh Anderson

Pro Link Sports

This Summer I had the pleasure of working for Pro Links Sports who ran the 3M Open in Blaine, MN. During my time there, I was able to see the behind the scenes action of how PGA
tournaments are set up. My position title was tournament headquarters intern and I learned a lot about every position including volunteer coordination, ticketing, course operations, and sales. The highlight of my time there was being able to meet a lot of the world's best golfers and Fortune 500 executives. — Brady Arzdorf

Sanford Health

I had the opportunity to intern at Sanford Health and join their HR-Enabling Technologies team for the summer. Sanford Health is one of the biggest Health care providers in the US; as they thrive to ameliorate the human condition at every moment of their lives by offering different type of outstanding care. During my internship, I had the chance to enhance and broaden my abilities in business software technologies and also gain new skills and knowledge. This internship had a huge impact on me as it helped me realize that I want to pursue a career in the IT section of business once I finish my studies. It also made me grow an interest in health care systems. I highly recommend interning at Sanford Health because you get the chance to be part of their vision and impact lives one way or another. — Helen Ayenew

Kandiyohi County Watercraft Inspection Program

This summer I had the opportunity to manage the Kandiyohi County watercraft inspection program. This position required me to improve my management skills as I was faced with some very difficult management tasks. I was able to use my experience from various business, accounting, and government classes to provide employees with support, assistance, and advice on both the administrative and everyday side of the program. I was also given many opportunities to improve my leadership skills through leading staff meetings and trainings. — Toni Bonnema

NB Golf Cars

I spent the summer learning about how a business works and how to smoothly manage in the business world. I spent lots of time on entering sales and working in the accounting field which was really good for me to experience. I learned a lot about what side of the business I enjoy and this experience really helped me see how it feels to be in the real world. I appreciate all the experience I had and also the connections I’ve made. — Cole Crawford 


Amy Stockberger Real Estate

My summer internship with Amy Stockberger Real Estate was a very valuable experience. I was able to assist ASRE with a variety of projects ranging from listing work to project managing house flips. I not only became more knowledgeable in the realm of real estate, but also learning how to work and communicate with people effectively. The office life is very fast paced here which taught me great multitasking skills. A lot of my days were spent in homes whether it was meeting with contractors of doing my own photography work with Matterport. I would highly recommend interning with ASRE if you have any interest in real estate! — Trevor Daily

Sanford Initiatives

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern for the Sanford Initiatives finance department. Sanford Initiatives is how Sanford gives back to the community by investing in care and discovery since 2007. Sanford Initiatives covers Sanford World Clinics, Innovations, Imagenetics, and Research just to name a few. I worked with an amazing team that helped me grow and learn a lot about how Sanford operates. I completed various tasks with the budgeting process, tax forms, and allocations. —Christian Deveraux

Farmer's Union Industries

This past summer I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to intern with Farmers Union Industries. Throughout the internship I had many different projects that let me work directly with accounts payable, cost accounting, financial reporting and accounts receivable. This internship helped me better understand the flow between departments but also the business process in general. I was FUI’s first intern ever so it was a good experience for both myself and their full time employees to work together on different tasks and to teach me new things involving accounting and business. Since I worked in a lot of different areas of the accounting world, this internship was very beneficial in helping me decide what I was more interested in and what I had a strong passion for. I strongly believe this internship has greatly prepared me for my future in the business world. — Brennen Fuhr

South Dakota Biotech Assocation

This summer I was given the opportunity to join South Dakota Biotech Association as an intern through an i6 challenge grant. This was an amazing experience that allowed me to advance my knowledge in both the biotech and business worlds. I worked with the executive director which allowed me to recognize and appreciate what it takes to be a successful non-profit organization. My duties were to communicate with member companies, assist in market research and general business development, and collaborate with i6 teammates on our independent projects to find synergies. I am thankful for an experience that provided me with learning opportunities that will most definitely shape my business career. — Megan Haberman

Select Painting

This summer I had the pleasure to work for Select Painting.  The company is based out of Harrisburg, and they conduct business all over the Sioux Falls area.  My internship with this company taught me skills involving project management, budgeting, and other leadership skills involved with managing and tasking a crew of other people to complete a job.  Select Painting is a great place to work in the summer.  They have a great vision for the company, and everyone shares the same values within the organization.  The lessons I learned this summer through Select will stay with me for the rest of my business career. — Aaron Hansen

Sanford Health

This summer I had the unique opportunity to complete an internship with Sanford Health. I served as a business intern, working directly with Sarah Prenger MS, RN, CJCP, the Senior Executive Director of Behavioral Health and Primary Care for all of Sanford Health. This internship perfectly merged my two majors, nursing and business, as the practice of healthcare and the business management of healthcare are both vital components of Sanford’s success as an institution. Additionally, Sarah Prenger has a background in nursing and was able to provide insight on the transition between bedside nursing and administration with guidance on how my previous nursing knowledge can be an advantage in understanding the material discussed in meetings. During my time at Sanford, I was able to attend multiple meetings a day discussing our new projects, budget reports, management structuring, as well as new policy implementation and education. This internship was inspiring as it enhanced my understanding of how a major healthcare institution functions and what a career in administration looks like. I am incredibly grateful for my time as an intern to learn from someone as dynamic as Sarah Prenger at a cutting-edge leader in healthcare innovation such as Sanford Health. — Amy Hurley

605 Real Estate

This summer I was given the amazing opportunity of being the Social Media/Marketing Intern with 605 Real Estate here in Sioux Falls.  From day one my site advisor gave me creative independence where I was able to implement ideas of my own.  These projects ranged from photographing staged properties, creating slideshows and videos for their Facebook and Instagram pages, or designing marketing material for their community events.  These tasks allowed me to develop lasting relationships with other agents and gain real-world experience which helped me better understand what I want to do with my future career. — Linzie Kreisel

Farmer's State Bank

I had the opportunity of interning at Farmers State Bank in Canton, SD. Farmers State Bank is a family-owned bank that provides a customer-centered banking experience. Family is the heart of this organization, and anyone that walks through the doors of the bank becomes an integral part of that family. During my internship I was able to learn about the inner workings of the bank and was able to see the processes that the bank uses on a daily basis. I was also able to help with the bank’s marketing project and got to participate in meetings with the marketing company. I am so glad that I participated in Augustana’s Alumni Mentor program because I would never have gotten this opportunity if I hadn’t. I loved my experience at Farmers State Bank, and I am so happy that I got to work with all of the amazing people at the bank. —Sara Oeltjenbruns 

First Dakota Title

Working for First Dakota Title was an amazing experience this summer.  I worked in the title department and got to see how deeds and mortgages are examined in the process of fulfilling an order. My main duties included going to the Minnehaha and Lincoln County Courthouses to verify property tax records and report on county aid liens. The experience was enriching and taught me a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. First Dakota Title was a fantastic company work, and I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to work for them! — Drew Russell


During my time at Make-A-Wish Nebraska, I partnered with Omaha business to obtain raffle prizes, food donations, and vendors for an annual fundraiser as well as produced guest lists and activities for a yearly celebration. Additionally, I created marketing materials for fundraisers including brochures, schedules, and cards. From my experience, I boosted partnerships with Omaha companies, enhanced my marketing and design skills, and studied the daily activities of a nonprofit organization. Most of all, I am grateful for my time at Make-A-Wish because I have contributed to their mission of granting the wishes of children with critical illnesses. — Lara Thiem

Weisser Distributing

While interning at Weisser Distributing I got the opportunity to put what I learned in school into effect, while also learning many new skills. I participated in taking inventory and counted orders on our sales pushes. I scanned through listings on Amazon and recommended and executed changes to those listings. I helped with our marketing through Feedvisor and Amazon Seller Central. I looked for and sourced products for the company to sell. I learned a lot about online Marketing, how an office functions and how to find a good niche for business. — Jack Weber


Interning in the accounting department of MetaBank provided me with opportunities to apply what I have learned in the classroom to real world situations. Throughout the course of the internship I was tasked with handling travel expenses, reconciliations, and other projects to increase efficiency within MetaBank’s operations. My experience at MetaBank taught me more about the accounts payable process, business acquisitions, financial regulations, and communication among colleagues, partners, and customers than I ever imagined. This internship was very beneficial in helping me grow confident in my studies and the opportunity to stand out to future employers. — Allyson Westra

Wienk Financial

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at Wienk Financial here in Sioux Falls. I mainly focused on assisting in a database conversion which involved me transporting documents from one database to another. Aside from the conversion, I was exposed to financial advising first hand by sitting in on client meetings. From the moment I walked into the door I felt welcomed. This internship has helped me realize that I should keep on continuing with my interests in business and finance, and hopefully end up pursuing financial advising as a career. — Lucas Wienk

Dow Rummel Village

Dow Rummel Village is a retirement community that succeeds at providing friendly, secure retirement living that meets the ever-changing needs of a diverse population in a community sustained by Christian spirit and service. The facility has five levels of care areas including: Independent living, assisted living, enhanced assisted living, nursing home, and enhanced memory care. This internship was assisting the fund development department with event planning, grant writing, and organizing the department. — Grant Winter

Presentation Sisters

I had the opportunity to intern under the Presentation Sisters, a non-profit organization that focuses on working for justice, alleviating oppression, and promoting human dignity, especially among the poor.  Non-profit organizations such as the Presentation Sisters are important to a business student’s educational values as it uncovers a side of marketing more than just profit and consumerism.  Within my internship, I helped to develop and conduct various marketing strategies and social media management for a ten-year long event.  I was able to achieve my personal goals of refining my communication skills and assimilate the event planning process, an extensive and detailed job.  This internship gave me the freedom to learn as well as try my own hand at various tasks, resulting in an overall balanced experience. 

Jane Voss 


Working in the accounting department at Daktronics provided me with opportunities to apply what I have learned in the classroom to real world situations. Each day presented me with unique learning experiences and challenged me to think critically. I completed the bank reconciliations, wrote a variety of journal entries for Canadian subsidiaries, and was also able to help out with a variety of fiscal year end projects. Overall, I am thankful I this opportunity to see how a public company operates from an accounting standpoint and I am looking forward to taking what I have learned at Daktronics with me throughout my accounting career!

Jenna Stoneberg

First Bank and Trust

While interning at First Bank and Trust I worked to implement new features in online and mobile banking that would have a positive impact on the customers of the bank. I conducted research, created test scripts, and implemented the new features. I also had the opportunity to learn more about a career in system support through weekly team meetings.

Jessica Schmitz 



South Dakota Trust 

As an intern within the services department, I was given the opportunity to learn and advance your business skills through your experiences of working with a leading trust company. I had the opportunity to learn through talented trust professionals gaining real work experiences through independent projects and tasks. This internship not only gave me the opportunity to improve technical skills, but also to work collaboratively on a team to create and talented team of professionals.

Maddie Schaefer

Ness Tax Services 

Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was a fantastic business to intern with. I learned so much in so little time! They taught me so much about the functions of a small business and how to provide a service to clients. During my time at Ness Tax, I spent my time preparing individual tax returns, took phone calls and scheduled appointments, scanned documents and filed them, and other small office tasks. This internship was a great learning experience and a great place to get a foot in the door to the world of business. I definitely recommend this internship opportunity to any accounting major or business major who is interested in the field of tax preparation and bookkeeping. It’s a great place to utilize your skills and also learn new ones!

Brock Morgan 

First Dakota Title 

I had the opportunity to intern at First Dakota Title this past spring. I worked primarily in the escrow department and learned the basics of how to process a file that’s going through escrow. My main duties included disbursing files after they had closed, requesting documents from lenders, and doing miscellaneous cleanup work for the office, as they got ready for the busy spring and summer schedule. I learned a lot about title, escrow, and what goes into buying or selling property. It was a great experience, one I will never forget. First Dakota Title was a great company to work for, I definitely enjoyed my time there and I’m going to miss it!

Kaylie Miller

Make a Wish 

The experience of a Make-A-Wish internship is an enriching experience both for the heart and one’s business mind. The past 3 months, I have been able to participate in various functions of the non-profit including but not limited to writing wish stories, assembling wish team packages, attending various board meetings, attending external fundraising events, attending wish reveal parties, and various event preparation experience. This internship allowed me to see a well-run non-profit, and also allowed me to work with an office of individuals that are laser focused on the mission of the organization to reach more kids eligible to receive a Wish. Knowing that I played an integral role in the Wish granting process for kids in South Dakota with life-threatening medical conditions is something so unique, and an experience that I would highly recommend.    

Ben Konold 

Sanford Physician Recruiting

This spring I had the unique privilege in interning with Sanford Health in their Physician Recruitment department.  The coursework involved in my major disciplines adequately prepared me to succeed in my role within Physician Recruitment. I created various communication pieces that highlighted position openings, collaborated with coworkers on recruitment and retention projects, and shadowed my site supervisor during many administrative meetings, candidate site visits, and phone interviews. Each experience provided a unique learning opportunity that I will use throughout my business career!

Allie Koehn

Hegg Companies

Working at Hegg Companies was by far the most beneficial internship experience that I have had. If you are pursuing a career in private accounting I would high recommend Hegg. Hegg provided me with more than just private accounting experience, it also showed me what the environment of a great company looks like. You are put in an interactive environment with great people who are happy to help and teach. The best part of this internship was that I was given fairly significant responsibilities that reflect the real world practice of accounting.

Brent Havlik 

JAM Art Supplies 

I had the pleasure of working at JAM Art and Supplies over the course of this semester. It was an eye-opening experience and one that was crucial to my entrepreneurship course here at Augustana. I learned many things from watching my supervisor work and also being interactive in everything she did. I gained experience in running a business and how to succeed in the non-profit world. Working as the volunteer coordinator helped my organization and speaking skills as well. Overall, it was a great opportunity and I’m glad I was able to do it.   

Courtney Hardie 

Push, Pedal, Pull

For the past few months I have been working at Push Pedal Pull. They are a company that sells and leases exercise equipment throughout the US. My position title is Jr. Accountant, and I have learned a lot about how accounting works in the real world compared to the classroom. When I first started, I learned how the accounting software that they use works, which is what I spent most my time using. My primary responsibilities were entering bills that we had to pay into this software, applying tax exempt forms to sales orders, and paying the weekly bills. The knowledge I have learned and the experience I have gained from working this internship will be crucial when I graduate college. 

Alex Dixon 

Home Builders Association 

This spring I had the wonderful experience of being a business intern at the Home Builders Association (HBA) of the Sioux Empire, one of the largest HBAs in the nation. I was exposed to a variety of projects associated with membership recruitment and retention. Furthermore, I spent a large portion of my time assisting with the 2017 Sioux Empire Home Show, which was an incredible opportunity to partake in event planning on that large of a scale. The staff was more than hospitable and created an environment that allowed for curiosity. I feel as if I grew in my time management, communication, and professional skills because of this internship.

Andrea Cartensen 

Fernson Brewing 

This semester I interned at Fernson Brewing Company in Sioux Falls. This internship entailed assisting and implementing all marketing strategies by developing various elements essential for the growth of Fernson Brewing Company, including facilitating promotions, campaigns, and relationships for the company. I also had the opportunity to experience the brewing side of the company by helping the brewmasters brew their beer, thus learning not only the marketing and sales side of the company, but also familiarizing myself with the brewing process that has made Fernson so successful in their first two years of business.

Joel Gullickson 

Dakota Entertainment

Over the course of the spring 2017 semester I completed an internship at Dakota Entertainment. The internship provided me with experiences that will help me be successful in my future business endeavors as well as invaluable life lessons. The primary focus of the internship was to handle online sales. I was given the responsibility of selling equipment that was no longer being used on various online marketplaces such as eBay and craigslist. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain experience in sales or marketing, as I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dakota Entertainment.

Ben Sorenson 

Augustana Student Association 

As the Augustana Student Association President, I was able to analyze the business functions of Augustana’s student government with a focus on social media, budget usage, and organizational structure. I reviewed past data with current projects to provide a basis for future ASA leaders to better utilize the tools at Augustana to enhance the student experience. One of the best parts of the position was being able to understand why Augustana is the way it is from multiple perspectives whether that was working with student organization leaders to promote on-campus events, highlighting our incredible faculty on ASA’s social media, or getting to know Board of Trustee members. I left with a dynamic understanding of the importance of the Augustana’s institutional goals and core values. 

Mason Van Essen 

Fisheye Marketing

My time at Fisheye Marketing was truly valuable in the sense of knowing how and what to do to make my time most valuable. By feeling needed, I gained a sense of self-awareness and confidence. Throughout the course of my internship, I gained both hands-on and idea-based knowledge that I will undoubtedly use in my future. Thanks to the Augustana Internship Program, I know that I will be adequately prepared for whatever the future holds.

Kyle Wendland 

Showplace Wood Products 

My J-Term Internship was spent at Showplace Wood Products, an employee-owned cabinet manufacturer located in Harrisburg, SD. The company is currently the 12th largest cabinet manufacturer in the United States and is home to over 500 employees. My time at Showplace introduced me to work in various business departments including: Sales, Production, Marketing, Recruiting, and Management. My supervisors had a monthly schedule of projects for me to follow which helped me truly make a difference in only one short month. I primarily worked with Microsoft Excel constructing reports that included: competitive analysis, rep evaluation, machine audits, performance measures, and yearly summaries. Showplace provided an enjoyable environment to work in with a great combination of young and experienced employees who are all motivated to continue expanding the company.

Dalton Allen 


My internship was in the tax department at the accounting firm RSM US, LLP in Sioux Falls, SD.  RSM is the fifth largest accounting firm in the nation providing tax, audit, and consulting services to the middle market.  Throughout my time with RSM, I was given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tax related projects across the entire tax return process.  In addition, I spent a week of my internship at a training program in Chicago, IL in which I further learned the firm’s procedures for completing tax returns for our clients.  RSM has a very strong belief in developing their talent base early on in their careers, and you are treated as if you are a full-time employee rather than just an intern.  My experience with RSM was outstanding, and I would recommend an internship with them to anyone considering public accounting as a future career.

Zach Bingen 

Helpline Center

 I had the pleasure of interning at the Helpline Center. This non-profit organization opened my eyes to all of the resources that are available throughout South Dakota, and all of the resources that are not. I was given the opportunity to work in both marketing and database management. This internship gave me valuable life experience and connections. I am now considering non-profits as a viable career path. With this experience I feel confident and prepared to enter the workforce.

Avery Gaboury

Augustana Student Success Center and Marketing Department 

I spent the month of January doing a full-time internship at Augustana! Half was spent in the Student Success Center on campus, and the other half in the Marketing department. My time spent in these offices was one of growth and impact. This experiential learning is a vital piece of the Business Administration requirement, as it allows us as students to take our classroom teaching into practice, and it can be an eye-opening experience to realize how relevant so much of what we learn actually is. I was able to participate and play a role in two of the school’s most important offices, all the while deepening my understanding of what they do and how they advance Augustana’s mission. I am grateful for my time there, and look forward to using my experience and taking it beyond Augustana into my next role.

Dan LaGue

Sterling Trustees 

During the Fall of my senior year, I had the opportunity to work as a Trust Intern at Sterling Trustees, a privately held, South Dakota-chartered trust administration company. Throughout my internship, I was in charge of administering trusts’ monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements. Along with custodial investment statements, I also assisted the trust officers with several other projects like inventorying trust files and document tracking other pertinent trust documents. Throughout my internship, I gained great knowledge of the trust and family dynasty world, and I acquired business experience that will launch me well into my career after graduation. 

Megan Wencl

Northwestern Mutual

My internship with Northwestern Mutual was remarkable. Every day I felt that I learned something new.  I learned how to effectively communicate with my colleagues as well as potential clients.  I was reaffirmed by Northwestern Mutual to put the needs of clients above everything else.  They are the friendliest group of people to work with and are very knowledgeable about what they do.  They love helping people reach their goals in life and it is something that I want to do in my career as well.  I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives and Northwestern Mutual taught me how to do that.

Cole Milbrath 






Balloon Express

My internship at Balloon Squad USA exposed me to a variety of marketing tools and techniques and allowed me to learn about running a small business. I primarily worked on updating social media sites and the website. It is such a rewarding experience to put to use everything I have learned throughout my college career. The internship experience through Augustana University has prepared me to start my career with confidence. 

Taylor Hanzel 


Horace Mann Insurance 

For my internship I worked for Ryan Hofer at Horace Mann Insurance. Horace Mann is an insurance company that mainly focuses on teachers and their households. I learned a great deal about both business and insurance during my internship and I accepted an offer to continue working there after graduation in May. I am very thankful to the business internship program for providing the stepping-stones to this opportunity.

Morgan Engbrecht

CK6 Consulting

I had the opportunity to be an intern for CK6 Consulting Services this fall.  My supervisor, Chris Earl is a consultant in the registered purebred angus cattle business.  He and his partner, Wes Tiemman, have around 40 clients across the country.  CK6 Consulting essentially become a part of their clients’ programs and assists them in whatever way they need.  As an intern, I was able to travel across the country with my supervisor visiting all of the clients and seeing first-hand how CK6 Consulting operated.  I was fortunate to assist with hands on activities such as taking pictures and videos of animals for clients, putting in embryos, or artificially inseminating the herd.  I also was given the opportunity to help my supervisor get organized.  I was able to create individual folders for each client to keep any documents or emails in a place that was readily and easily accessible.  Also, I was able to help manage the company’s Facebook page and website.  I learned how to boost posts and monitor how many views we were getting and figure out how we could get more views and exposure.  This internship was a great experience for me, and I was able to learn an immense amount about the business.

Garrett Earl 

Strawbale Winery 

I was very excited to start my first real world internship through Strawbale Winery. The people I met and memories I made will forever influence the path I choose in the future. Throughout my internship, I was able to make quality business relationships all the while learning about a cool product: wine. Augustana made the selection process easy and before I knew it I had my foot in the door to my first intake meeting. Goals were set and surpassed throughout the semester and life lessons were abundant. Without the timely help from Shelly Gardner, leader of the business internships programs, I do not think I would have been as lucky as I was. Thanks to the partnership of Strawbale Winery and Augustana University, I was able to learn new business skills as well as practice other strengths that are sure to give me a leg up on the competition when I am ready to enter the workforce next year. 

Alex Beals 

Weisser Distributing 

Avera FinanceWeisser Distributing is a tool distribution company based out of Tea, South Dakota. While interning at Weisser Distributing one can expect to be hands on with many facets of Weisser’s business. Most interns will start out in Weisser’s warehouse, where they will learn the many tasks that Weisser warehouse employees perform, such as: packaging and shipping items, retrieving ordered items from shelves, and stocking shelves with new product that Weisser has ordered. Having a good attitude and a tremendous work ethic are the keys to success while working at Weisser. Those who are in search of an internship where they will get a lot of hands on experience and insight into the world of online business will find Weisser a truly rewarding internship.
Nick Brandt


Great Western Bank

Great Western BankFor the past five months, I have been working as the Marketing Intern for Great Western Bank in the corporate office of Downtown Sioux Falls. In my time, I worked with programs such as episerver CMS, SubscriberMail, WorkFront, Daktronic’s Venus 1500 and works24 to name a few. I helped with numerous direct mail marketing campaigns, website maintenance on and also worked on daily projects such as mass email communications and invoice processing. I participated in weekly meetings with the Marketing team, Project Management team and even some prospective digital client meetings to improve SEO for the site. I created and worked with a vendor to print the Make a Wish partnership materials – posters, raffle tickets and signs for all of the South Dakota locations. I worked 40 hour weeks, listened to plenty of new music and even kept the team fresh with a weekly pop culture and news update. 
Tanner Williams


First National Bank

First National BankInterning at the First National Bank in Sioux Falls not only allowed me hands on experience with a variety of marketing techniques, but it also exposed me to many different areas of the banking world. I was able to come away with not only skills I can use in the world of marketing, but also skills I will be able to utilize in everyday life from organizational skills to financial ones. Reneta was an excellent supervisor who was flexible with my wants and needs.
Glen Ellingson


City of Mendota Heights

City of Mendota HeightsThe City of Mendota Heights hired me to run the tennis program. I was able to better understand the parks and recreation function of city government through responsibility for an array of duties including: understanding how relationships are formed within the community, learning how to set and manage a budget, working to promote the parks and recreation programs, responding to citizen inquiries about the program, learning about staff recruitment and the appropriate management of employees, and obtaining organizational skills for managing the physical operations of the summer programs. 
Meredith Lawrence


FDICMy summer internship with the FDIC was hands-down the best work experience I have ever had.  I had the unique opportunity to explore both sides of the banking industry.  I was able to see perspectives from both a banker’s and an examiner’s standpoint.  Every day on the job was a learning experience because I was exposed to a wide variety of bank regulations.  In my 11 weeks on the job, I became quite familiar with the FDIC bank examination process.  In addition, I was able to interact with bank personnel in a professional manner and explore why they do the things they do.  The best part about my summer internship experience was that I was always doing something different.  I was never in one location for more than a week because I was traveling all over the Midwest performing bank examinations.  I was also able to spend two whole weeks in Washington DC. Without Augustana University Professors and the Student Success Center, there is no way I would have landed this internship and had the amazing experience that I did. 
— Bryson Hamilton


IntertecIntertec is an IT solution firm located in Phoenix, Arizona, however the main operations take place in San Jose, Costa Rica. At Intertec, I worked with the recruiting team to fill open positions that we had in not only Costa Rica, but also in the United States.   This internship was incredible for many reasons, but mainly for the well-rounded experience I was able to have. I was able to speak to people from over 10 different countries about different Intertec International, take part in listening in on sales pitches, work with international margin calculations for incoming candidates and most of all able to work with the highest level of people in the company. The experience I was able to gain from this summer is something I could not put a price tag on and would encourage anyone to partake in if given the opportunity. 
Josh Hedeby


City of Sioux Falls

City of Sioux FallsAs an intern for the City of Sioux Falls Community Development & the Public Parking department, I was able to experience working for the city government and apply concepts I have learned through both business administration and government courses. I was able to sit on a number of meetings including preparations for the budget, event preparation for an employee 5K, the Public Parking Board meetings, as well as attend a press conference. I researched residential parking permit policies across the nation and examined areas of the City Of Sioux Falls to see if one would be a good fit. I researched and took steps towards the implementation of Passport, a mobile payment app, in the downtown area. This project led me to setting up conference calls, previewing a contract, looking at current city ordinances, and learning in depth about the RFP and purchasing process at the municipal level. I was able to work with people in various departments throughout the City as well as other cities’ parking departments and outside vendors. 
— Caroline Renner

DJ Jer Events & Lighting

DJ Jer Events & LightingOver the summer, I was fortunate enough to have had a very fun and educational internship at DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design. As a student interested in business and marketing, this internship was a perfect fit. I learned so much about the many aspects of a small business and also gained and improved my personal and professional skills. Some of the tasks I was given over the 3 month period were to develop the main website and the social media sites, create email campaigns, do graphic design, blogging, and other office management duties. I am extremely happy with the experience I had and know that everything I learned will be useful and benefit me in a future career in marketing. 
Jessa Richards

DJ Jer Events & Lighting

DJ Jer Events & Lighting DesignDJ Jer Events and Lighting Design was an amazing marketing internship experience.  I received an array of projects from designing t-shirts to writing blog posts to editing videos. I grew exponentially in my skills throughout the semester and loved that every day was different.  Jeremy was a wonderful supervisor.  If anyone is looking for a internship with tons of hands-on experience, I would recommend DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design. 
Sara Byre




Great Western Bank

Great Western BankMy internship at Great Western Bank was filled with great experiences that will help me down the road in my banking career.  I learned about how the face of the organization works on a day to day basis.  I would highly recommend anyone to consider an internship with this organization.
Jason Werner

Hoel Holdings

Hoel HoldingsThe work at Hoel Holdings exposed me to a variety of marketing techniques and relevant information under the supervision of Sebastian Hoel. After completing the required 160 hours of work I feel much better prepared to enter the job market and hopefully run my own business in the future. The internship touched upon varied fields of work, including html coding, content creation, customer service and big data analysis. With more than 150 websites the company is heavily involved in the Norwegian affiliate industry and offered a great learning experience. 
Lars Linstad

HOM Furniture – Twin Cities

HOM Furniture – Twin CitiesAn internship is designed for a student to gain experience, understanding and explore the in’s and out’s of a business to figure out professionally where they will fit in and how. I gained this knowledge and much more while undertaking my summer internship. I had the opportunity to put myself in the shoes of a salesman, as well as a manager, while creating lasting knowledge and skills at HOM Furniture in Coon Rapids, MN. Here I was given the chance to deal with customers on a daily basis and create relationships with people in a business setting that allowed me to get the full experienceI wanted from my internship. This internship was geared to give me my freedom and go out in the sales world to complete the personal goals. These personal goals would allow me to mature into the businessman I wanted to be, and also understand myself and where I am at in a business environment. The experience was a huge stepping-stone a positive direction for my business career and I am excited to see what the future holds. 
Patrick O'Donnell


“I'm very supportive and impressed by the internship program at Augie. This experience has taught me a lot about my own skills and has caused me to reflect on my management style and ways that I can better myself. I also appreciate the requirement to write as it is an important skill for employers to see.”

Paige Schwitters ‘16

Howalt McDowell

Howalt McDowellThis summer I had the privilege to work with the Life, Health and Employee Benefits team at Howalt + McDowell. I worked on many projects, varying from researching employee benefit enrollment platforms and learning how they function on the employer and employee side, to working with spreadsheets to come up with specific lists for tracking group size to ensure that Howalt is covering the basics when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. I was also able to participate in various meetings and work along side people within the company on different projects. This summer has been a great learning experience to what goes on behind the scenes in the insurance world. I am so grateful for this internship and for hands on learning of the ins and outs of insurance at an insurance brokerage firm. 
Yolanda Clark


Jazz Fest, Sioux Falls

Jazz FestThis summer I had the opportunity to work as an event planning/coordinating and marketing intern at the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society. This organization is a non-profit that strives to raise awareness of Jazz and Blues to the community. My internship consisted of many different responsibilities, including editing/sending out letters to parties involved in Jazz Fest, assisting in registration and check in for Jazz camp, and setting up/working Jazz Fest. The week of Jazz Fest, I found, was the week that I learned the most. I was able to get a behind the scenes look at the efforts that go into making Jazz Fest run smoothly and how many people are needed for this to happen. I had the opportunity to shadow and work at almost every area of the event. This internship was very beneficial in helping me learn more about event planning and coordinating such a large and respected event. 
Sara Wallenberg


Lawrence & Schiller

Lawrence & SchillerI experienced the fast-paced advertising industry first-hand through my internship at Lawrence & Schiller this summer. Serving as an account service intern, I engaged in the many functions of the agency and assisted in the management of client accounts. Whether I was participating in a client call, writing content for a client’s website, or helping to develop a campaign, I always felt that I was contributing and ultimately satisfying client needs. My internship this summer helped me to translate my knowledge from the classroom into a real-world experience, and I am confident that it will allow me to stand out in front of future employers. 
Paige Schwitters

Nordstrom – Portland, OR

Nordstroms – Portland, ORDuring a nine-week period, I had the chance to play the role of fashion expert in one of the top fashion department retailers; Nordstrom. I was selected as part of the 10% of applicants who would be given the chance to experience a nationally known corporation at first hand. As a retail management intern in Portland, OR, I was a part of management meetings, training classes and able to attend meet-and-greets with some of the top performers. I was lucky enough to be working the day that Blake Nordstrom was walking the downtown store and personally introduced myself. He is quite tall, has a firm handshake, and the warmest greeting. Within the quick passing of weeks, I have learned more about becoming a good leader and opportunities I may personally improve on than anyone could have prepared me for. I gained hands-on experience working in the jewelry department on the sales floor, shared my knowledge and excitement about the latest in fashion, and helped to provide exceptional customer service while being a team player. If I could say one thing to an aspiring retail intern it would be that you are nothing without your team. 
Mikayla Becker

“The process of getting the internship was very easy, which I greatly appreciated, and writing short journals was a nice way to keep track of ongoing events.”

James Jennings ‘16

Plains Commerce Bank

Plains Commerce BankMy experience working as a marketing intern at Plains Commerce Bank was definitely a hands-on experience. I was treated as if I was one of the marketing officers myself. During this internship, I worked with two other marketing officers, Chelsey Hunnel and Abby McCann. I learned a lot about the realities of in-house marketing and how to communicate to several different types of markets. I learned a lot about how to use Adobe design products including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Some of the projects that I worked on for Plains Commerce Bank were creating traditional advertising for newspapers, designing marketing materials for the several different banking departments, as well as creating content for our mortgage banker Facebook pages. One of the things that I also enjoyed about this internship was the employees that I met. They were very kind and welcoming. They also loved celebrating Fridays, birthdays, and holidays with treats and refreshments. 
Katie Connor

Stryker Orthopedics – Sioux Falls, SD

Stryker OrthopedicsThis summer I was fortunate enough to do my summer internship with Stryker Orthopedics, a medical sales company in Sioux Falls. I worked under sales managers, operations managers, and sales representatives throughout the two and a half months that I was with Stryker and they treated me as more of an employee than an intern, which I really enjoyed. One of the things I was responsible for during my internship was the distribution of inventory for procedures. Our sales representatives would schedule surgeries and it was my job to make sure the products got prepared and placed in the correct spots at the hospitals before the procedure and then reported updates to the operations managers. During my internship, I shadowed reps as they went out in the field to sell product to doctors, as well as put on promotional events for surgeons to help promote their own individual practice. My favorite part by far was when I went with the reps when they went into surgery. I saw hip replacements, knee replacements, bone fractures, and knee revisions. It was great to see both the reps and surgeons in action and see how all of the pieces of the process come together. I think how I learned the most from during my internship was just asking the reps questions and for their opinions. These guys have been in the field for a long time and have a lot of good experience and advice to give. 
Patrick Fiala

The Event Company

The Event CompanyMy internship with The Event Company not only gave me experience in event planning but also allowed me to experience the business world of Sioux Falls. I was able to perform a variety of tasks, including researching event ideas, sitting in on client meetings, and setting up and working at several events throughout the semester. There are so many things I gained from this experience, but this internship really helped me improve my organization and communication skills, both of which are very valuable in the business field. I could not have asked for a better internship experience and I recommend any student looking for a great learning experience and the opportunity to meet many people in the Sioux Falls business community to apply for an internship at The Event Company. 
Anna Bruflat


The Event Company

The Event Company, Sioux FallsAn internship with The Event Company is one like no other. Throughout the semester, I was presented with numerous opportunities. From planning events to working with clients, venues, and vendors to attending events, this internship provided the complete event planning experience. Working with The Event Company enabled me to meet new people and make new connections. I was able to take part in many large events such as Live2Lead Sioux Falls, Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Dancing with the Sioux Falls Stars, and the Feisty Fighters’ Sparkle and Shine, to name a few. This internship was the perfect mix of work and play. Although hours were long and the work seemed excessive, the final product always prevailed. 
Julie Anderson


UpTown Events

UpTown EventsUptown Events is a great one-stop event shopping place that will provide everything needed for all kind of events. As a marketing intern at Uptown Events, I have had the opportunity to see how wonderful people here are. They are very creative, hard-working, and helpful towards their clients. During my internship, I have also learned a lot about event planning process and it’s amazing to see the vendors’ awesome work being displayed at the studio. Just stopping by the studio will lighten your day since every corner is so nicely decorated and looks super artsy! 
Linh Pham





“AU is extremely helpful and flexible with setting this up and helping me establish my goals and expectations.”

Jackson Rynda ‘16

Wish of a Lifetime – Denver, CO

Wish of a Lifetime – Denver, COThis summer, I had the opportunity to be a Wish Fulfillment Specialist and Marketing/PR Intern at Wish of a Lifetime in Denver, CO.  Wish of a Lifetime has a mission to grant life-enriching wishes to deserving senior citizens who, for some reason or another, have not been able to experience these lifelong wishes because of medical, financial, or even organizational hindrances. The goal is to change a generation's view on aging. Over the summer, I was assigned about 7 wishes, one of which was actually granted during my time this summer. I also had the opportunity to help build a new website, edit wish stories, and witness the launch of a new campaign after an entire office creative workshop. My internship with Wish of a Lifetime really opened my eyes to the nonprofit sector as a career ch ce, and helped me realize the importance of believing in the mission of any organization or company that I will work for in the future. 
Jessica Madson


YounkersThe internship with Younkers of Bon-Ton Store, Inc. was very fun but also professional. Supervisors were very helpful in providing tasks as well as lessons after each task. I had a chance to work with various departments of the store and see how they cooperate. It is an internship to be considered for students who are Business Majors and are especially interested in retail industry or corporate environment. 
Anh Nguyen

Holiday Inn City Centere

As an Accounting Intern at the Holiday Inn City Centre, I learned aspects of the field that I had not previously learned from the classroom. This experience gave me an opportunity to learn the numerous activities accountants are tasked with in the hospitality industry. The Accounting Department completes reports for managers of the hotel and organizes and balances account information for organizations staying at the hotel. This internship was an amazing experience and provided knowledge of the accounting field I can use in the future.

— Elizabeth Aakre 

Brandt Solomon 

The internship program over J-term was extremely beneficial for me. Working in the field I’m getting a degree in full time allowed me to get a realistic idea of what life may be like upon graduation. I got to see what a typical day is like in an accounting firm and how an office is run. One of the really cool things was getting an understanding of how to conduct oneself in a professional work place, learning such things as unique courtesies and what the most appropriate ways are to communicate with co-workers. Overall, it was challenging and strengthened my desire to be an accomplished accountant as well as to further my education in the subject and the workplace.

Josh Benson 

Augustana University Business Administration Department

My experience as an intern at the Augustana Business Department was a very hands-on learning experience and I learned more about a department that I’ve taken many classes in. I developed a new logo for the business department, updated their internship page, while also gaining a knowledge of the Drupal website structure, created an infographic that lays out the steps students need to take to complete an internship, and created a Facebook page for the business department as well as providing a weekly social media plan to maintain it. With this internship, I had the opportunity to do what I love and explore new technology. Gaining experience in using Drupal provided me with knowledge on how websites work from the backend to create an amazing user experience on the front end. I was so fortunate to have an internship with the Augustana Business Department because they care so much about their students and find tasks that play to their strengths, not just busy work. It is an experience I recommend to all who have a passion for the web and for Augustana University.

Brianne Bernard 

Best Western Ramkota Hotel 

 My internship at Best Western PLUS Ramkota Hotel taught me way more than I could have imagined.  I was tasked with researching new potential customers to use their banquet halls and hotel rooms.  It was a hard task at first with all of the information out on Google and other search engines, but like anything you put your mind to, it becomes easier.  I was also allowed to sit in on many webinars and conference calls that furthered my knowledge of sales and the hotel industry as a whole.  My favorite part of the entire process was being able to physically sit in the sales department and listen to their calls with clients.

TJ Davis 



Sanford USD Medical Center Volunteer Services

Sanford Health offers a wonderful business administration internship in the volunteer department. They like to say they work similar to a human resource department. As the largest hospital in South Dakota offering the latest in innovative care, this made a major impact on my experience. Sanford’s highly skilled teams are known for their passion, leadership, and dedication to their patients and their specialties. The director and coordinators I worked with taught me what a successful volunteer program Sanford has. Throughout my three-week internship, I was able to shadow the director of volunteer services, service excellence, the gift shop, assist with the interview and orientation process, attend meetings, and help out with other department tasks. Overall, this internship was a great learning experience. I would like to intern again at Sanford Health this summer in another department. 

Ashley Grussing 

Junior Achievement 

Having the opportunity to intern at Junior Achievement of South Dakota has been a great opportunity. I have learned so much about non-profit organizations and the fund raising process. I have enjoyed learning more about JA and the impact it has on students.

Elisabeth Otto 





First National Bank of Sioux Falls

My internship at The First National Bank in Sioux Falls was a phenomenal introduction into the banking industry. As a retail lending intern, I began by working with consumer loans, reviewing the loans to ensure that they met compliance regulations. Then I moved into the Residential Mortgage department and had the opportunity to experience the entire process of real estate loans from beginning to end. I spent time pre-processing the loans, updating insurance, preparing mortgage satisfactions, and working with closing packages and closed and paid-off loan files. The First National Bank in Sioux Falls is an incredible organization, and everyone was very welcoming to me from day one. The employees truly made me feel like a valued part of the team, even as an intern. This internship far surpassed any of my initial expectations, and I am extremely grateful to have had an experience that provided such valuable knowledge and skills for my future career. 

Mikayla Stamp

Retirement LLC 

My internship was with Retirement LLC, a third-party retirement plan administration organization (TPA) of tax-qualified defined contribution and defined benefit plans.  The internship gave me the opportunity to work with many different parts that go into forming and managing a retirement plan. I had the opportunity to help form adoption agreements and governmentally mandated plan restatements.  I was also tasked with working with QuickBooks to help put together quarterly invoices.  What I spent the majority of my efforts on was making form 5500 balance sheets from trust statements that are then used for IRS compliance testing.  This internship gave me opportunities every day to learn a new task and then work on a project by myself implementing what was just learned. More than what I learned to do my projects the most helpful tips I learned was to be continually aware of your email, as new information is being sent constantly, and to take many detailed notes especially when being taught something new.

Tim Weber 

Weisser Distributing

This summer, I was able to get an opportunity to work for Weisser Distributing. Weisser is a growing auto parts supplier in Tea, South Dakota. In addition to the company's growth, they are always looking for new ideas and products to help the company in the future. The department I worked in was Inside Sales, and I got the opportunity to work on a variety of inventory projects. I got to look through product on Amazon and eBay and report back prices on spreadsheets I was given for projects. This gave me the opportunity to learn more about sales through a distributing company.

-Alex Larsen





Allen Credit

I was given the opportunity to pursue an internship with Allen Credit this summer under the supervision of their Chief Operations Officer. It was truly incredible how much I was able to learn in my short time there as an intern! The vast majority of my work was focused on general bookkeeping, managing payroll, and internal auditing. It was an excellent learning experience that will without a doubt, benefit the remainder of my education at Augustana University, and surely give me some experience to put me ahead of the competition while looking for work after graduating. I would highly recommend anyone to seize the opportunity of taking an internship if it is given to them. It took what education that I had already received, and applied it in a practical way that I couldn’t imagine getting anywhere else.

-Alexander Zell




Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp

This summer I worked as the Program Director of Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp. It was truly an experience of a lifetime where I was learning and growing on a daily basis. Riverside has been around since 1943 and this summer we will finish with record camper numbers. Over 1,800 campers will come through at a time at Riverside, which is the biggest summer since 1978. My overall job is to oversee and motivate the summer counseling staff and make sure the camp runs smoothly. I set many goals for this internship and reflected through daily logs on how well those goals were being achieved throughout the summer. My greatest strength throughout this time was my approachability, and my greatest weakness was my ability to set realistic expectations for my staff.

-Alexys Pederson

Ameriprise Beste & Associates

This summer I was very fortunate to have an internship with Ameriprise Beste &

Associates Financial Planning and Wealth Management. This was a great internship for me
because it combined big business with a small town and I was able to see the distinct
characteristics of both. During my time at this internship, I was able to thumb through the data
given to us from each client like estate planning documents, bank statements, and tax returns. I
then inputted these numbers into our new software system and was able to build projections
and reports that we would provide to the client at their annual meeting. It was terrific for
me to see where all these numbers came from and how they all came together to build
something the customer wanted to see, such as a net worth statement. Also, I was fortunate to
sit in on a client meeting with my advisor and see how she presented the reports that I had
made for the particular client. That was a great experience as well. Overall this internship
taught me a lot of new things about business and how to interact with clients and how I will be able to
take this new-found information and use it in my near future.
-Carter Kranz

First PREMIER Bank


I had the opportunity to intern at First PREMIER Bank in their Mortgage Lending Department where I was able to experience all aspects of the mortgage process.  My primary duties included setting up and learning about their software programs, compiling monthly reports and packaging and shipping loans.  I learned an incredible amount of information about the mortgage lending process that I would’ve never known if it was not for this internship.  I would recommend an internship with this fantastic company to anybody pursuing a business degree at Augustana.  The people at First PREMIER Bank are amazing and working there was a genuine pleasure.  It was an experience I am grateful for and will not forget!
-Chet Peerenboom

Menards East


This summer I had the opportunity to intern at Menards East, a one-stop-shop hardware store on the Eastern edge of town. During my internship, I shadowed department managers, helped with scheduling, and manage inventory counts. I was able to set and achieve personal goals and also discovered some new things about myself and business along the way. This internship gave me the responsibilities and the confidence to utilize my education in creative ways to positively affect my working environment.  Overall this was a great learning experience, and I appreciate Menards and Augustana University for giving me this opportunity.

-Christopher Harner


Wells Fargo


As a loan document specialist at Wells Fargo, I was taught the ins and outs of working in a corporate environment. As a business major, I was able to take lessons from the classroom and use them to help process student loans. The internship allowed me to see how the entire student loan process is conducted, as well as learn about a lot of different types of income and tax documents. It was a great real-life experience that taught me lessons I will be able to take and use in future endeavors. There were so many incredible opportunities to learn, and I was able to work with some incredibly helpful people throughout the summer.

-Chris Sharpe





This summer I had the pleasure of interning in the accounting department with POET, LLC in Sioux Falls, SD.  POET is a private company that produces ethanol and other biorefinery products.  Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with POET's tax, accounting, and accounts payable departments.  I had so much fun working at POET and learning how a business is run efficiently and how each department works together.  I am thankful I had this opportunity to build both my accounting and business talents in a real-world environment.  I am looking forward to using the skills I learned in future internships and employment.

-Coley Stoller






This internship was originally a last minute find as I was trying to get an internship for the summer and I started looking a little late, and this one was a paid internship, so I was hoping I would get it. The title was Operations Intern, so I was a little hesitant because my majors are Accounting, Business-Finance, and Computer Information Systems, so I had little to zero knowledge about operations and logistics. But getting this internship has changed and strengthened my ideas and goals for my future. This internship had an extensive range of areas to work in from operations, logistics, HR, implementations, and analysis. The area that I found I loved was analysis, and I was assigned a big project, and through that project, I worked one on one with my manager and also members of the analysis department. What I loved about this internship is that it wasn’t your stereotypical internship, it wasn’t coffee runs and copy machines but actual one on one work with your manager and supervisors. There were real responsibilities assigned, and it gives the feeling that you aren't "just an intern" but a member of the team where you can be of value. Sitting in on meetings and day to day activities gave a much clearer perspective on the operations and what goes on each day. Another significant aspect I love is the vast amount of knowledge available to be learned. Every day there was always something new to learn and understand.

-Dakota Waverek



Before starting my internship at Midco, I did not know what to expect. Would I be running for coffee and only be handed the projects that everyone else dreaded? The answer to that question is a big, loud no. I have learned more than I could have imagined during my time at Midco. The company culture is so inclusive that it feels more like family rather than co-workers. I have been able to job shadow in many different roles on top of getting an in-depth experience of the recruiting process such as interviewing, attending outreach events, traveling to other offices, and assisting in orientation. Everyone, from the Vice President of Human Resources to my supervisor and mentor, made such a significant investment in my growth that I felt more like an employee instead of an intern. I have had other internships, and they pale in comparison to my experiences at Midco!

-Jenna Hartzler

Vali Resorts

Vail Resorts, a company that was started by two World War II veterans for the 10th
Mountain Division in 1962, currently employs approximately 26,000 people. I had the privilege
to intern for Vail Resorts for the summer of 2017. As part of Product Sales and Services, my
primary jobs were to qualify guests, discuss the summer activity offerings, and then sell them their
products. However, my internship was more than just a nine-to-five sales position. My internship
involved achieving a greater understanding of how a multi-billion dollar company operates
efficiently in an economic sense, while also striving to be as eco-friendly as possible. My time at
Vail Resorts has better prepared me for the corporate world but has also provided insight
into the ever-changing world of environmental sustainability. Although I was initially nervous to
move to Vail, Colorado and start a new job, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I
believe everyone should strive for a similar experience.

-Josh Estabrook

Avera Cancer Institute

This past summer I had the unique opportunity to complete a business internship at the Avera Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls. As the administrative intern, I worked directly with the cancer clinic director, who oversees five clinics within the ACI. This internship perfectly merged my two majors, biology and business, as the combination of medicine and business is a necessity for Avera to provide quality healthcare. During my time at Avera, I also shadowed various clinic managers and took part in meetings where I learned about financing in healthcare, insurance reimbursements, and government regulations. This internship was a great opportunity to learn more about healthcare and what an administrative career looks like, and I am very grateful for my time as an intern at such an innovative and patient-focused organization like Avera.

-Luke Hurly




Sanford HR

The Sanford HR summer internship consisted of learning how to prepare, scan, and index employee files so that the administration can easily access the information during audits. This was the main project that was focused on during the duration of the summer, but there were also opportunities to job shadow administrators and supervisors of different departments related to the HR field. Different meetings and tours were set up to expose the HR interns to the various facets of the Sanford organization. The interns were educated on how to navigate different online databases, as well as the purpose behind moving information to electronic databases.
-Luke Wanous





Click Rain

I was blessed with the opportunity to intern for Click Rain, a marketing technology agency in downtown Sioux Falls. Not only did Click Rain provide me an incredible learning experience, but it also gave me invaluable insight into what an award-winning culture looks like from the inside. The core beliefs of faith, family, work permeate all aspects of the company, even my immediate responsibilities in Business Development and Marketing provided a motivational foundation as I accomplished a variety of tasks such as writing business partnership proposals, coordinating client projects, creating marketing/lead generation automation processes, and much more. I was able to see, firsthand, how a company coordinates business development efforts with its marketing capabilities. I firmly believe that my skill set has been significantly enhanced due to my experience at Click Rain, Making me a better learner, worker, and leader.

-Nathan Merriman

Harley Davidson

This Internship was one of a Marketing/Sales Position. It is one in which the intern will perform a vast variety of duties. Data entry is a staple piece of the internship as many bike slips are collected from different drawings. Your tasks will consist of that to report to the Event Coordinator. You will be assisting the Event Coordinator, Anna, in the preparation of events, as well as the set-up and tear-down portions of these respective events. You will also report to Jimmy and Joe, helping them with odd jobs around the office and upstairs. Char, the Chief Financial Officer, will also be someone you report to; as you will coordinate with her about picking up donations all around Sioux Falls. Chris is the sales manager, as you will shadow them around learning what it takes to sell Harley motorcycles. This internship is one filled with quality people who will help mentor you on your journey. I have made many friends of high morals and substance through this internship. You will meet many great individuals who are involved in the motorcycle culture in Sioux Falls and will be delighted to form relationships with them. This internship is one that is filled with great co-workers and bosses. Everyone is working in sync, with every department helping the next in their goal to sell these bikes. This is a great internship for a company with an outstanding reputation that speaks for itself in the community. The event Coordinator has given consent for the publication of this information. 

-Paul Herbes



 My summer internship at Strawbale was unparalleled. Every lesson I learned was from doing and not from listening. Hands on experience from working side by side with one of Sioux Falls greatest entrepreneurial couples taught me more than I could have ever expected.
Other than a great internship experience, my work at Strawbale was a fantastic job. The company culture that exists at Strawbale is something I will strive to find in every future job I accept, and it is something I will endeavor to create in every work environment I create. Don and Susie took me in like family over the summer. They taught me, fed me, made fun of me, and grew with me all summer long.
An internship at Strawbale is an experience that will be more and more coveted by Sioux Falls area college students with every passing year. It is a great business that Don and Susie have started, and a great community that they have created in Renner, South Dakota.

- Sean Heaton

Sanford World Clinic

Working at Sanford World Clinic has been a dream come true! I worked on various projects and clinic developments related to China.  The leadership team is excellent, they trust me and treat me as a valuable member of the team. Everyone here is willing to share and teach. I’ve learned a lot this summer. It has been a great ‘real world business’ experience. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work and learn at Sanford World Clinic!

-Yipaguli Alifu 


Carson Wealth Managment Group

“As a summer intern for Carson Wealth Management Group, I was given a chance to be a part of a nationally renowned firm by Barron’s that manages over $6 billion in assets. I was able to apply what I have learned in the classroom in addition to learning something new every day within the office. I truly enjoyed being able to contribute my thoughts and being treated as an equal, even though I was just an intern. This past summer was truly the experience of a lifetime, and I think that it is just the start of a bright journey ahead."
--Zach Reeg ‘18, Business Administration with a Finance Emphasis / Accounting