French Comp-Con

Advanced students in French studied Hugo's Les Misérables; they manned the barricades for the class photo.

Proficiency in French provides a distinct advantage in global professional, service, non-profit, internship and teaching opportunities; enhances study abroad and travel experiences; and gives students a competitive edge in their chosen career paths.

"J'ai une patrie: la langue française." Albert Camus

Top Reasons to Study French at Augustana

  • Gain proficiency in French and an advantage in the international job market.
  • Study a language that shares more than 6,000 vocabulary words with English, making French an easy foreign language for Americans to choose.
  • Experience a semester or year-long study abroad program in Paris, Rennes, Grenoble or Québec.
  • Discover a beautiful and analytical language that develops critical thinking skills that are essential for effective communication and negociation.
  • Prepare for an international career: French is an official working language of dozens of international organizations including the UN, NATO, and more.
  • As a senior, apply for a year-long post-graduate English teaching assistanship at various high schools throughout France.
  • Take part in an active French club and enjoy movie nights, conversation tables, cooking lessons, cultural outings, and more.
  • Complete an optional honors thesis in French during your senior year.

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