Potsdam Teaching Assistantship

"Our year in Potsdam has given us valuable experiences including developing our language skills and an opportunity to become involved in a new community, city and culture. We've had the chance to explore world class museums and palaces in a unique and welcoming city, as well as a chance to create friendships that will last long after our time in Potsdam is complete." Keegan and Brianna Hecht ’16, Potsdam 2016-17

Students in the German program may apply for a post-graduate, year-long English teaching assistantship. This program was established at Augustana more than 60 years ago. Successful applicants work at various secondary schools in Bavaria and Potsdam and assist with English instruction as well as in a variety of supervisory functions. The schools offer room and board and a modest monthly stipend. Applications are restricted to Augustana graduates. Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Stephan Lhotzky.