Careers and Graduate Success in Physics

Quantum Mechanics

An education in physics makes many career paths accessible. As the branch of science dealing with matter, energy, and the way in which they interact, the study of physics provides a unique platform for examining many difference scientific problems. Physics majors go on to be astronauts, astronomers, research scientists of many kinds, engineers, applied mathematicians, environmental safety officers, and software developers among many other careers in science and engineering.

Outside of science and engineering, physicists may be found in many different settings, including medicine, law (physics majors get the highest scores of any group on the LSAT exam), finance, journalism, education, public policy, consulting, and many other options, such as video game development or roller coaster design. An Augustana physics graduate now works for Weta Digital and won an Academy Award for his work with special effects on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The common theme is that a physics education gives you the skills to solve complex problems in a wide variety of career settings.

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