Tutoring at Augustana

Two students working in the library

At Augustana, you will form ongoing relationships with your professors during office hours, co-curricular activities, academic advising and research. When you have questions, speaking with your professors is often the best place to start.

Academic departments also provide open tutoring sessions to support your learning. Peer tutors provide quality, course-specific academic support to Augustana students at no cost. Tutoring sessions are tailored to foster independent learning and meet students’ individual needs. Peer tutors have excelled in the courses they support and have been trained to facilitate discussions on course content, as well as learning strategies and study habits.

Connect virtually with a tutor today!

  • Connect with a department tutor using an online scheduling tool, WCOnline.
  • Looking for a department tutor in a discipline not currently advertised? Complete this form and we will connect with you.

Scheduling Instructions

  • Once you register for WCOnline, you can schedule an individual session.  (One day advance notice, you schedule Sunday for Monday) 
  • An email will also be sent to the tutor you signed up with. That tutor will email you to set up a time that works best for your schedules. It may not always be the time on the schedule.
  • You will also agree on the format of the tutoring session whether it is virtual (ZOOM, Google Meets, WCOnline, etc…) or face to face. If you meet face to face, agree on a location and time, masks should be worn and social distancing should be followed. When finished please use the disinfectant spray to sanitize the area for the next students.  
  • A few minutes before the virtual session begins, log back into virtual choice and click your session start.  To have two or more at the appointment add the name(s) to "What would you like to work on today" and ask the tutor to include you and the others on the virtual session.
  • Sessions are 30 minutes in length. Students should limit themselves to 2 appointments per week per subject area.
  • Tutors are listed in alphabetical order by subject.
  • You can cancel by logging in and going to the time slot you picked and click on the red cancel button.
  • To make an appointment for next week click on Next Week in the blue bar.
Learn how to make the most of tutoring sessions. For more information, please contact tutoring@ole.augie.edu or call 605.274.4131.