Services for Alumni

Whether you are seeking advancement at your current organization or looking to recareer and pursue a new adventure altogether, our dedicated staff is eager to assist you and enhance your career capital.

  • Access positions currently posted in Augie Opportunities, our online jobs database exclusive for Augustana alumni and students.
  • Retool your resume, interview responses or LinkedIn profile. Contact us for individual consultation regarding your personal branding strategy.
  • Clarify your professional goals. Our trained career counselors can help you clarify your objective and navigate a rapidly changing labor market.
  • Apply to graduate school. From personal statements to interviews, we can simplify the process.
  • Expand your network. Join our Augustana Alumni and Friends Linked group.
  • Serve as a mentor. Read more about Augustana's mentoring program.
  • Employ talent. If your organization is hiring, we can connect you to tomorrow's leaders. Learn more about posting a position with us.