International Curriculum Credit Transfer

Students at Augustana University

Augustana University recognizes several college-level curricula for credit and has developed the following credit transfer policies to assist prospective and current international students.  The University also regularly accepts transfer credit from U.S. and international universities.  Please note that the following policies are general in nature; Augustana evaluates each student’s documents individually.  See the registrar’s page on pre-matriculation credit for specific transfer equivalencies.

To be considered for credit, please submit original documents directly from the testing organization, your high school or university to Augustana University’s International Programs Office.  We will be pleased to conduct an official review upon receipt. 

Augustana accepts official documents in English, Spanish, and Norwegian.  Official documents in other languages should be translated by your school or by a reputable third-party translator.  Documents translated into English should be provided along with the original, official transcript in the official language of your country or school.

Unofficial documents, photocopies or scans will not be accepted for credit transfer purposes (though they may be accepted for admission purposes in certain cases).

Official documents should be sent by mail to:

Augustana University
International Programs Office
2001 S. Summit Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57197

Advanced Placement (AP)
Augustana accepts credit for AP exam scores of 4 or higher, for a maximum of 32 total credit hours.  Please view the AP page for specific information regarding course equivalencies

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Augustana accepts IB exam scores of 4-7 for college credit.  Please view the IB page for specific information regarding course equivalencies.

British A-Level
College credit is granted for grades of “D” or higher on all A2 exams, up to a maximum of 32 total credit hours. Credit will not be awarded for AS or O-Level exams. Course equivalencies will be determined on a case by base basis.

Scandinavian Upper-Secondary School
A maximum of 32 semester hours may be granted for completion of standard upper secondary school diploma (such as Vitnemål) in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.  Course equivalencies will be determined on a case by case basis.

Norwegian students must earn a grade of 4 or higher in their courses during their final year of high school for credit transfer. 

Other Systems
Students who have taken other college-level curricula such as the German Arbitur, the Italian Maturita, or the French Baccalaureate may potentially also receive credit.  Augustana will evaluate these on a case by case basis.


University Credit Transfer

Augustana University welcomes international transfer students currently studying in the U.S. or abroad. Generally speaking, if your current university is accredited by local government authorities or accrediting bodies, Augustana will consider your courses for transfer credit.  Intensive English and remedial courses are generally not transferable.

Please submit an official copy of your university transcript to the International Programs Office by mail to request an official review.  In some cases, Augustana will also request that course descriptions be provided in English prior to making an official credit transfer determination.

In general, transfer students must complete at least one-half of a student’s proposed major requirements at Augustana, alongside both the general education requirements and 124 total credit hours at the college level.   An unlimited number of university course credits may be transferred as elective credit, but it generally takes an average of two years for transfer students to complete the major requirements and general education requirements for graduation at Augustana.


General Education Exemptions for International Students

In certain cases, international students are granted exemptions from two areas of Augustana's general education plan.  The exemptions are:

Languages (Formerly 3.4) - International students whose native tongue is a language other than English are generally exempted from the Languages section in the general education plan.  

Non-Western Societies, Cultures, and Traditions (Formerly 3.6) - International students who come from non-Western countries are generally exempted from the Non-Western Tradition section in the general education plan.

In both cases, no credit is awarded; students are simply waived from the requirement.


SAT and ACT Exemptions

Students possessing an average of 30 between the Reading and English sections of the ACT or a 650 on the Reading section of the SAT are exempt from ENGL 110 and Area 3.1A in the general education plan.  No credit is awarded for this exemption and pertains to Spring 2016 matriculated students or earlier.

Students possessing a score of 29 on the math section of the ACT or a 620 on the math section of the new SAT (600 on the old SAT) are exempt from the Mathematics section (Formerly 2.3) in the general education plan.  No credit is awarded for this exemption.

The University must receive official score reports directly from ETS or the College Board in order to grant this exemption.


Global Assessment Certificate (GAC)

Augustana University will allow transfer credit for GAC courses only if the entire GAC program is completed.  Credit will be given for courses as per the recommendations set by the American Council of Education as outlined below, up to a maximum of 37 credits.  Credit will be awarded for GAC courses if a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above is earned.

GAC Module

Augustana General Education Equivalent

Augustana Credits

GAC 005



GAC 006

Well-Being (Formerly 1.2)


GAC 010



GAC 011



GAC 012



GAC 014



GAC 016

Mathematics and Quantitative Analysis (Formerly 2.3)


GAC 017



GAC 022



GAC 023

 Natural Science (Formerly 3.2 non-lab)


GAC 027

Social Science (Formerly 3.3)


GAC 028

Social Science (Formerly 3.3)