Alma Mater & Fight Song

The Augustana alma mater is sung at convocation, which opens the school year, and at graduation to close the school year. The Augustana fight song is played at athletic events and rallies, and the football team sings it with the student fan section after winning a home game. 

Augustana Alma Mater

  • composed by Richard Svanoe '38, arr. James R. Johnson 
  • performed by The Augustana Choir (1.29 MB)

Augustana, we sing out thy praises,
Our hearts overflowing with love.
As thy banners we bear,
We willingly share
The gift that was given from above.

We cherish thy aims and traditions.
To thee we will ever be true.
As we march on through life,
We'll let love o'ercome strife,
Thanking God, Augustana, for you.


Augustana Fight Song

Fight on for Augustana,
Fight on to victory.
Bear out the old traditions
Of the Vikings of the sea!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Fight on for Augustana,
Fight on ye Vikings bold,
Fight on for your alma mater
Augustana, blue and gold!