2020 Senior Art Show - Ellie Wolgemuth

Ellie Wolgemuth, “Desolate Streets, no.2,” digital photography, 2020.

Ellie Wolgemuth, “Desolate Streets, no.2,” digital photography, 2020.

Ellie Wolgemuth

Photography. It has been a passion of mine for a long time; it wasn’t until my time at Augustana, however, that I was able to foster and develop my skills. Over the last four years, I’ve had the chance to explore many different types of subject matter—from landscapes, to intimate portraiture, and everything in between. Prior to coming to Augustana, I thought about photography solely through its content and how it looked. Through my studies, however, I have gained an appreciation and a growing fascination for the importance of the process and how the combination of content and process creates more powerful and meaningful art. As an artist, an increased focus on the process of studying a subject, rather than just photographing it, has enhanced the meaning, richness, and depth of my art. I have also appreciated the opportunity to explore different techniques, including color and black and white, film and digital, as well as using my camera in nontraditional ways, such as timed exposures, and zooming during exposure. As I look back on my four years of study, I could not have imagined that I would have grown so much in my understanding of and love for this art form.

Ellie Wolgemuth is an Art, Business Administration, and Spanish major from St. Louis Park, MN. Augustana University, class of 2020.

Ellie Wolgemuth Augustana Senior Show 2020