2020 Senior Art Show - Hannah Grapevine

Hannah Grapevine, “Upward Turtles,” lithograph, 2018. 12 x 17 ¼ in.

Hannah Grapevine

My work for the past four years has been a mix of abstraction and realism, knowing and unknowing, and an overall exploration of myself. I am a curious artist; art in all forms intrigues me and I enjoy experimenting with different techniques in the mediums I already do. I strive to show viewers familiarity in my work, while leaving aspects up for interpretation. Artists are often condemned to repeat the work of great artists before them--whether it be knowingly or not; to break this cycle of imitation, and create works that are true to me, is my one true goal. I often find myself struggling to place my work in one distinct category: am I an artist who specializes in realism or am I an abstract painter? The two sides of my art often fight for dominance over one another.

My prints and abstracted paintings reflect my fascination with the natural world, from bugs, to aquatic animals and reptiles. My garden or the grassy bluffs of the South Dakota landscape often become my studio as I admire cicadas, turtles, and frogs. These creatures, who I respectfully release to their natural habitats following my study of them, remain as a reminder of the beauty of the natural world.

The other aspect of my art is the more modernized side with my nonobjective abstract paintings. Driven by emotions, I work throughout my feelings with colors and shapes. Playing with the density and transparency of paints, depth is created. The addition of textile work in my paintings—such as weavings, stitching, and embroidery—prevents my work from becoming too trite.

The materials I choose are significant to the piece and to the medium. For my paintings, oil or watercolor may be used. With lithography prints, I have been using colored pencils and tusche washes to further explore texture and density. I hope by exploring different techniques, I will be able to provoke others to delve into new territories.


Hannah Grapevine is a Pre-Professional Art major from Brandon, SD. Augustana University, class of 2020.

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