2020 Senior Art Show - Jayden Koskovich

Jayden Koskovich, “Unveiling Grace,” mixed media, 2019. 13 x 6 in.

Jayden Koskovich, “Unveiling Grace,” mixed media, 2019. 13 x 6 in.

Jayden Koskovich

I do not have the typical artist story. I was not interested in being an artist;  for most of my childhood and into my teen years, I dreamed of being an architect. I was well aware that I would have to draw for the job, but I never really thought of it as art making. This all changed my first semester of undergrad at Augustana University. Their pre-architecture program included an art major. I fell in love with both the art department and art itself. These were my first art classes that I was exposed to since those required of us to take in middle school. I loved them. Augustana helped me find who I was as an artist, and made me realize, very early on, that architecture was not my calling.

I have stayed with two main mediums throughout my art making: sculpture and photography. When creating my art, it usually falls into the realm of abstraction, especially regarding my sculptures. In my sculptures, I try not to have any figurative or recognizable form. I work mostly in mixed media. When creating, I focus on what the material likes to do when I manipulate it, and how I can create an intriguing and interesting design out of it. I address the fundamental elements of design—color, shape, line, texture, value, form, and space—more often in my sculptures than in my photography.

Likewise, I do not have a specific subject matter that I look for in my photography projects, drawing instead from many ideas and themes from my life. I have experimented with abstraction, portraiture, and landscape, and many projects are both dark (in either color or idea) or strange. I also experiment during my photoshoots; I like to try new ideas, use unique props, and try different ways of taking photographs. Examples include using kitchen utensils to create interesting shadows and filling a plastic pool with water in my living room.

I want to continue to experiment in both the realm of photography and sculpture in my art making. Experimentation is trying new things that can make me feel uncomfortable. Experimentation is when my most inspiring and intriguing work is made.

Jayden Koskovich, a Pre-Professional Art and Psychology (counseling emphasis) major from Fairmont, MN. Augustana University, class of 2020.

Jayden Koskovich  Augustana 2020