2020 Senior Art Show - Kyung Ju Chung

Julie Chung, “Michael,” Clip Studio, 2019.

Julie Chung, “Michael,” Clip Studio, 2019.

Kyung Ju (Julie) Chung

Life is boring without art. Through art, I can express my imagination in a visual and physical form. That’s what I really love about art. I am seeking to create a live and active art that brings emotional touches through my vision. For that reason, I enjoy designing characters that are living in an imaginary world, with each individual character having a story. I want my art to have its own story as well. I always want people to feel the same way I feel in my life through art. If you think about Marvel heroes and Disney protagonists, they are all from artistic imaginations. What did you feel when you first saw these characters? Like these cartoons and comics, I’ve been loving posting my art pieces on a blog and giving them stories and personalities. It makes me feel they are really alive.

I like to work with digital/graphic software. Generally, I work with 2-Dimensional art. Nevertheless, I am slowly working on modeling 3-Dimensional art as well. My styles of artwork are usually simple and fantasy-like. In addition, I like to use strong and vivid colors. Sometimes I love to depict traditional Eastern styles in my artworks because I am from East Asia. Aside from this, I try to embrace various cultures in my artworks. I hope audiences see the beauty of various cultures.


I genuinely wish my art catches people’s eyes and shares my emotions.

Kyung Ju (Julie) Chung is an Art major with Computer Science minor from Suwon, South Korea. Augustana University, class of 2020.


Kyung Ju (Julie) Chung Senior Show Portfolio Augustana University 2020