2020 Senior Art Show - Lindsey Grassmid

Lindsey Grassmid, “Blue Rose,” stone-fired ceramics, 2018.

Lindsey Grassmid, “Blue Rose,” stone-fired ceramics, 2018.

Lindsey Grassmid

Creating art has always been enjoyable for me; for a pastime to become a meaningful vocation, however, it must have a purpose beyond the immediate. I am a firm believer that we are all on this earth for a reason, and we will all leave a legacy of some kind. Through the course of my studies at Augustana, I have become convinced that I want to pursue a career in art, which means I have to approach it purposefully and to the best of my abilities. I push myself to make every piece I work on better than the last. Such a statement sounds naively ambitious, but pursuing the impossible is the best way to accomplish the extraordinary. And to succeed as an artist, one must be extraordinary.

My love for drawing led me to Augustana. While studying abroad, I had the opportunity to spend time with many of Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches. His work is remarkable not only for his attention to detail and dexterity, but also for his amazing imagination. Before I saw his sketches, I was primarily familiar with his paintings, but now his drawings are what capture my attention. He has sketches to design paintings, to design sculptures, to design improbable war machines, and just lovely little sketches which he seemed to draw simply for the joy of it. It was invigorating, and made me more excited to push the boundaries of what I can learn in my own sketch pads.

When I first started at Augustana, the only art tool I knew how to hold correctly was a pencil, but I was eager to learn. Now I have sampled almost every art class and each discipline has informed the others. I have certainly grown as an artist during my time at Augustana, and it is my hope that I will continue to grow afterward. As I prepare to graduate, I feel confident not only in my enthusiasm, but in my ability to pursue a vocation in art. My ultimate goal is to use my love for drawing to illustrate books, though I am currently completing a wide variety of commissions.

Lindsey Grassmid is an Art and English major and Civitas Honors Program student from Menno, SD. Augustana University, class of 2020.


Lindsey Grassmid Senior Art Show Augustana 2020