2020 Senior Art Show - Sofia Preciado

Sofia Preciado, “Chinese Dragon,” mixed media, 2020. 4 x 90 x 5 in.

Sofia Preciado, “Chinese Dragon,” mixed media, 2020. 4 x 90 x 5 in.

Sofia Preciado

My artwork revolves around my interests and passions, many of which are the fantastical creatures of myths and legends. This interest often manifests itself in the form of dragons as they never escape my mind, constantly moving in beautiful, rhythmic, and sweeping patterns.

I often feel like my art takes on a mind of its own and frequently attempts to defy gravity or create small portals to escape reality. I believe that this underlying desire to add a layer of intrigue and curiosity to existence fuels my passion for art. I want my art to bring smiles to people’s faces and beauty to the world. I also hope that it challenges people to question what could be lurking beyond their perceptions of reality.

Much of my art and my identity as an artist have been influenced by the art around me. I have grown up in a household filled with my grandmother's art, as well as many different forms of Asian art that my mother brought back from her travels abroad. These works are also embedded with dragon motifs and depictions of magical worlds. I explore these bits of imagery in my own art because everything around me helps to define me.

I try to express my different interests by experimenting with different mediums. I believe that by digging my fingers into clay and tinkering with the lines of nature allows me to examine the multiple layers of the material world. When I cut, paint, mold, or shape my art, I have the ability to re-form a life’s worth of perspective on reality. This ability provides me with bursts of excitement, frustration, and intrigue. The opportunity to problem solve and expand my knowledge, and other people’s knowledge, is what encourages me to continue my Art major.

 The useful nature of art and its ability to connect with others, without the need of extra words, is a strong allure and I hope to always use my acquired knowledge in all areas of my life.

Art is my escape when I get lost in the maze of my mind. Creating order out of chaos and bringing ideas to life is what I most enjoy. The moments when I am simply working with my hands are the moments when I can truly be me.

Sofia Preciado is a an Art and Spanish major with an Entrepreneurship minor from Vadnais Heights, MN. Augustana University, class of 2020.


Sofia Preciado Augustana Senior Art Show