• Augustana University All-State Music Scholarship (Audition Not Required) — scholarship to those earning All-State honors in their state.
  • Pro Musica Scholarships — Awarded based on performance and potential determined by audition and selection by the faculty of the Augustana University School of Music.
  • Pro Dramatis Scholarships — Awarded to students who demonstrate talent in theatre.
  • Pro Artis Scholarships — Awarded to students who demonstrate talent in visual arts.
  • Augustana University Marching Band Scholarships — The Augustana University Marching Band Scholarship is available to all incoming freshmen/transfer students at Augustana University. You must be a member of the marching band and a spring semester music ensemble to qualify for this award.

If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, you may review more detailed information and complete an application form. If you wish to apply for the All-State Music Scholarship, find more information and the registration form.