With the state of gasoline prices more students are using bicycles, scooters and in some cases motorcycles as their regular means of transportation around the campus.  The University provides designated parking spaces for motorcycles and scooters and bike racks for bicycles.  Students are encourage to use these various forms of transportation but we ask that you follow common courtesy and parking rules/regulations.

Do not park your bicycle, scooter or motorcycle where it will be an obstruction for pedestrian traffic.  The Augustana University campus is subject to all traffic laws of the City of Sioux Falls and State of South Dakota in addition to the campus regulations.

Only university-owned or approved vehicles (maintenance, ground, custodial and outside contractors) are authorized to drive on campus noncurbed fire lanes, sidewalks and grounds.  All other vehicle, including motorized scooters and motorcycles, are restricted to operating on the established paved/curbed streets.  A violation of this regulation will result in a $25.00 fine in addition to restitution for damages to the campus. Violators are also subject to citations issued by the City  and can be prohibited from operating a vehicle on the campus.

Bicycle Registration

You are strongly encouraged to register your bicycle with the Sioux Falls Police Department.  The Sioux Falls Police Department handles all bicycle registrations for the City of Sioux Falls.  You significantly increase the chance of your bicycle being returned to you in the event it is stolen or lost if it is registered.  Registering your bicycle is free and easy.  Simply go to the Sioux Falls Police Department Bicycle Registration website.

Bicycle Safety

Did you know......

Bike theft is a nationwide problem, particularly on college campuses.  Augustana University is not immune to this problem.  Most of the bicycles stolen at Augustana University were either:


It only take a few minutes to prevent your bike from being stolen:

  • Always secure your bike in a well-lighted public bike rack.
  • Never park your bike in a location that obstructs pedestrian traffic or access to a building.  You may find your bike has been impounded if found to be an obstruction.
  • Report Suspicious Activity - particularly persons loitering around bike racks.  Help us get them before they get your bike.  Remember some bikes are extremely expensive and the thieves know that.
  • Use a high quality lock. A "U type" lock is recommended.
  • If your bike has quick release wheels, release the front wheel and include it with the rear wheel and frame when locking your bike to the rack.
  • Bikes without quick release wheels should be secured by putting the lock through both a tire and the frame when locking your bike to the rack.

Using a chain or chain lock

  • Use a cable or chain at least 3/8 inch in diameter.
  • Use a key with a 3/8 inch hardened shackle with heel and toe locking.
  • Pull up all slack in the cable or chain and make sure the lock is as high off the ground as possible.

If your bicycle is missing or stolen - report the bike to Campus Safety immediately.  Every year Campus Safety collects found or abandoned bicycles all around the campus. The bicycles are retained for 6 months and then donated to a local charity.

If you have any questions or concerns about your bicycle, call the Department of Campus Safety at 605.274.4014.