Parking and Traffic Regulations

The Augustana University campus is centrally located in Sioux Falls within walking or biking distance of banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and other common destinations.  Sioux Area Metro (SAM) transit system also has a bus stop located on the west side of campus near the intersection of Grange Ave. and Commons Drive.  So while having a car can be helpful for getting around, it is not necessary to get places.

The Augustana University parking program is administered by the Department of Campus Safety. All students, faculty and staff must register their vehicle with Campus Safety. Students must request a parking permit every year. Registration is available on-line for students during the summer prior to the next academic year. There is more information for students on their myaugie portal. Staff/Faculty permits are issued every three years and registration is always available on-line through their portal. The University cannot guarantee parking spaces for all who come on campus. The University assumes no responsibility for the protection of any vehicle or its contents while on campus. Funds accumulated by parking permits and fines are used for enforcement of regulations and maintenance of parking facilities.

All motor vehicles parked on Augustana University property by students, faculty, and staff must be registered officially with the University. Registration of vehicles is accomplished on-line through your portal prior to each academic year. Vehicles acquired at times other than the normal registration period may be registered at the Department of Campus Safety.

NOTICE: If for any reason you need to leave your car on campus for unusual circumstances please call Campus Safety, 605.274.4014. Campus Safety can advise you of the appropriate parking lot to leave your vehicle.

The University will ticket and tow all "non-permit" vehicles parked illegally in the University lots to protect space for vehicles with permits. The University may tow any vehicle found to be abandoned or parked in a non-designated lot.

Any vehicle left on campus for an extended period (including Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Interim vacations) must be registered with Campus Safety. Students, faculty or staff leaving a vehicle for a duration during these times must contact the Department of Campus Safety, 605.274.4014, to provide vehicle information and receive information about where to park during that duration. All parking lots will be subject to plowing during breaks and holidays.  A parking area will be designated for vehicles to be left over the break/holiday.

Violation of Regulations

The person in whose name a permit is registered or the registered owner shall be responsible for all violations involving a vehicle on campus. The vehicle does not have to be registered with Augustana University for a student to be responsible for violations. Violations issued to vehicles registered to student’s parents will be billed to the student. Augustana University does utilized state registration files to identify the owners of non-permitted vehicles.

Other Traffic Regulations

Disabled vehicles must be removed from campus parking lots within a reasonable time, this includes all cars with permits. All other vehicles, including motorized scooters and motorcycles, are restricted to operating on the established paved/curbed streets.

The Augustana campus is subject to all traffic laws of the City of Sioux Falls and the State of South Dakota in addition to the campus regulations.

Only University-owned or approved vehicles (maintenance, grounds, custodial, security, or outside contractors) are authorized to drive on campus non-curbed fire lanes, sidewalks and grounds. All other vehicles, including those driven by faculty members and administrative personnel, are restricted to operating on the established paved/curbed streets. A violation of this regulation will result in a $30.00 fine in addition to restitution for damages to the campus. Violators may be prohibited from operating a vehicle on the campus.