Chemistry and Biochemistry


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Explore the in-demand disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry through hands-on learning and mentorship from expert professors.

Are you ready to be an ambassador for science? Would you like to learn how to be a problem-solving leader? Are you a hard worker?

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Augustana provides the rigorous, comprehensive foundation you’ll need to be successful in a variety of post-graduation options, including research positions, graduate studies, professional health disciplines, biotechnology, chemical industry, and many other professions.  The Department is approved by the American Chemical Society and currently offers four tracks for a major in chemistry or biochemistry:

  • Chemistry (44 credit hours)
  • ACS Chemistry (60 credit hours)
  • ACS Biochemistry (71 credit hours)
  • Chemical Physics (58 - 63 credit hours)

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About the Department

Vision: We want to provide Augustana students with a quality education in the field of chemistry that prepares them for life after graduation in a career that involves chemistry.

Mission: We will provide preparation in the field of chemistry by developing programs and courses that will challenge students to master chemistry content and give them an opportunity to actively participate in experiential learning in the field of chemistry.

Core Values:

  1. Critical Thinking: We value interactive, purposeful classroom instruction that will not only instruct students, but also challenge them to be creative and to become complex problem-solvers. These critical thinking skills will be applied to content knowledge, and content mastery in the sub-fields of analytical, bio-, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry is expected.
  2. Preparation: We value preparing students for life after graduation through practical, hands-on learning that will lead to strong preparation for diverse career paths. Students will also graduate with ample opportunity to hone their written and oral presentation skills.
  3. Research Culture: We value a research culture where students take classroom learning and apply their knowledge and skills to solve complex research problems at the cutting edge of science. We encourage experiential learning in the field of chemistry.
  4. Mentoring: We value the development of the whole student through conscientious advising, with an emphasis on connecting with the student on a personal level and integrating them into our Department.
  5. Safety: We value a safe environment for the body, mind, and soul, with an emphasis on safety in the laboratory and an interest in a safe learning environment that allows all students to be welcomed into our Department.

As a chemistry major, you will be involved with your professors’ research activities from the very beginning, and our highly-skilled faculty members will guide you through a program of study that is designed particularly for you.