Connecting to Augustana's Residence Hall Network

Connecting to Augustana's Residence Hall Network

Augustana provides both 2.4 and 5 GHz N based wireless.

Students should connect Augustana's campus wide AU Secure network. See al the wireless information and setup instructions here: Augustana Wireless Access

The Augustana Wireless network is available campus wide and in all campus residence halls. Most residence hall rooms have one port of wired connectivity available for systems that cannot connect to wireless.

Campus and Residential Network Policies and Information:

Providing an outstanding wireless experience to many rooms is very different from "home networking". Channel density and user saturation require a large, controller based system to provide robust network connectivity. These systems (from all vendors) vary greatly from the simple Home WiFi Router. Sharing and printing that are easily allowed on a Home WiFi Router are not recommended or easily configured on larger controller based networks. In order to ensure an outstanding wireless/network experience for everyone, Augustana ITS asks that you observe the following information and policies.

  • Wireless Routers: Personal wireless routers will conflict with our channels and can degrade Augustana wireless for other students. Now that we have upgraded the full campus controller based wireless, we cannot allow students to connect and use personal wireless routers. Our system will effectively disable the use of personal wireless routers.
  • Wireless Printers: You can not connect a printer to Augustana's wireless network. Bring a USB cable for your printer, even if your printer has wireless capabilities. Making a printer available over a wireless network opens it up for anyone to use or abuse.
    • Augustana ITS asks that you disable the wireless connectivity of any wireless printers in your room. While directions will differ among different manufacturers and models, this can usually be done by opening the printer settings or clicking the wireless button on the printer and disabling it through an interface. If you experience any problems when disabling the wireless on your printer, you may ask the Computer Helpdesk for assistance.
  • You should be familiar with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Peer-to-Peer File Sharing policy and the Augustana Computer Use Policy which govern campus network and computer use by all Faculty, Staff and Students, including campus residence halls and apartments:
  • Augustana ITS will make a best effort attempt to assist residence hall students with connecting various network devices to the residence hall network. Here are some examples of what will and will not work on our large scale controller based network:
    • Gaming consoles and games are supported on a best effort basis. We know for sure that Call of Duty Ghosts is not likely to work on our network due to Activision's new requirement for each user to have a single, dedicated IP address to use it. We have contacted Activision, and they simply don't care. Most other Activision games work fine.
    • Device Registration for Game Consoles and Mobile Devices: go to the AU Secure Wireless Setup page and follow the BYOD Setup
    • Wireless printing is not supported.
    • Apple TV AirPlay, Airprint, and P2P campus traffic are not supported due to their "Home WiFi" design and security requirements.

For more info on Campus Wireless, see Augustana Campus Wireless.