Correction Symbols for Editing

Following are editing symbols commonly used by writers and editors.


incorrect abbreviation sub faulty subordination
abst too abstract trans  transition
ad adjective/adverb confusion var sentence variety
agr subject/verb agreement vb error in verb form


awkward style wc poor word choice
cap capitalize wordy wordiness
ca pronoun case wr write out word
comp faulty comparison ww wrong word
cs comma splice . / ? / ! insert punctuation
dm dangling modifier , insert comma


fragment ; insert semi-colon
fs fused or run on sentence :

insert colon

glos see glossary " insert quote marks
gr obvious grammatical error ' insert apostrophe 
lev inappropriate level of usage: too colloquial or too fancy


insert hyphen
log faulty logic ... / () / [] / insert punctuation
mm misplaced modifier // faulty parallelism
pass awkward use of passive verb
| separate words
p error in punctuation / do not capitalize
ref faulty pronoun reference x careless error
rep undesirable repetition ? illegible or unclear
r-o run-on or fused sentence