Cost and Scholarship Information

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Augustana's comprehensive cost for tuition, room, and meals can be very affordable, ranking as the #7 Best Value School in the Midwest.

Augustana was recently ranked as the #1 "Best Small Colleges for Getting a Job" in the United States, according to the career site Zippia (August 2020), in part because of our location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a city of almost 200,000 that offers many internship, undergraduate research, and employment opportunities. Sioux Falls is also known for its low cost of living, safety, and convenience in the heart of the Midwest. On campus at AU, with an average class size of 21 and a student-to-professor ratio of 12:1, international students receive personalized attention and advising from professors, staff, and the International Programs Office. A rigorous, nationally recognized academic environment and a 99 percent job-placement rate present added value for international students.

The 2021-22 direct cost structure is as follows:

Tuition (12-16 credit hours): $34,934
Double Room (with roommate): $3,932
Meal Plan (including taxes): $4,930
Student Fees: $1,529*

Total: $45,325**

*Fees include the student activities fee ($711), international student orientation fee ($450), technology fee ($268), and housing deposit ($100). 

**International students should also factor in estimates for health insurance ($1,800), textbooks ($1,000) and travel expenses (varies), which are considered indirect costs of attending university in the US.

Scholarships can cover as much as 50 percent of the comprehensive cost listed above. To apply for admission and scholarships, students should submit an Application for Admission and Scholarships. The sum of all scholarships is combined into an accepted student's Global Leaders Scholarship.

U.S. immigration regulations require international students to provide proof of sufficient funding (the difference between the total costs of attendance and any scholarship support received from Augustana) for one year of study before Augustana can issue an I-20 immigration document. An I-20 is necessary in applying for a US student visa. It may be helpful to note that the average total scholarship for incoming international first year students for Fall 2020 was $22,500. The average remaining cost was sufficiently covered by the students' own financial resources. Usually, families provide a bank statement or other financial documents showing access to the remaining amount. If a student has a sponsor apart from his or her immediate family, additional bank statements and letters of support from sponsors can be submitted.

Generally speaking, students make two payments to Augustana each year. The first payment is due by August 15 for Fall Semester and the second payment is due by January 15 for Spring Semester. If it is more convenient, international students may also set up a 3-payment-plan each semester (.pdf file).

A limited number of on-campus jobs are available for international students to earn spending money and gain work experience. International students are limited to on-campus work during the first year of study according to U.S. immigration regulations. During a student's second, third, and fourth year, off-campus employment can be approved as long as the job is related to the student's major(s). Augustana students have excellent access to paid internships and jobs in the diverse and quickly-growing economy in Sioux Falls, where the unemployment rate hovers near 2 percent, consistently one of the lowest in the nation.