Crisis Resources

What is an Emotional Crisis?

  • Emotional distress lasting a number of hours and not improving
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Recent sexual assault
  • Suicidal threat or attempt (in cases of an attempt, please call 911 immediately)
  • Threats to harm others (in cases of immediate threate, please call 911 immediately)

Emergencies after business hours, weekends, college holidays and breaks

     For a crisis that occurs after hours, students may contact the Viking Advisor On-Call, Campus Safety, or any other member of the Residence Life staff in their residence halls. Please note, if the crisis require immediate medical attend, call 911.

Augustana Helpline

     Augustana also provides confidential assistance to students in times of crisis via our Augustana Helpline. By call the Helpline, students are contacting non-college personnel who are available to visit confidentially with students about their concerns and challenges. This Helpline is availale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


     In the case of a mental health hospitalization, Augustana will utilize the Avera Behavioral Health Center. A student in crisis will be transported by Campus Safety to the hospital where they will go through an assessment and determine if the student needs to be admitted. Upon arrival back to campus, the College will work with the student as they transition back to campus.

On-Campus Emergency Contact Information