Do you like to debate cause and effect? Are you trying to make sense of the world? Do you often find yourself looking at things from all angles and playing devil’s advocate?

Economics is a social science that focuses on the broad questions of how societies produce, distribute, and consume goods and services. In the Department of Economics at Augustana, we aim to understand the institutions of our society by studying models, methods, policies, and more, and we don’t shy away from tying what we teach to current upheavals in the national economy.

Under the liberal arts umbrella at Augustana, we strive to make ethical connections between the philosophical, historical, governmental, and mathematical aspects of the world at large. This framework is designed to serve all undergraduates as well as our majors and minors, as we:

  • acquaint you with economic aspects of society
  • familiarize you with models and techniques for analyzing economic problems
  • enable you to develop critical skills for evaluating economic policy and institutions

Interested in learning more? Hear Dr. Reynold Nesiba, associate professor of economics, talk about the economics curriculum.