Facilities and Equipment

The following equipment is located within the Biology Department or individual investigators’ laboratories of the Froiland Science Complex at Augustana University:

  • Accuri Flowcytometer
  • Agilent 1100 High-Speed Liquid Chromatographer
  • Beckman Coulter CYTOflex Flow Cytometer with plate sampler
  • Cepheid Smart Cycler for real time PCR
  • Perkin-Elmer thermal cyclers
  • Olympus confocal scanning laser microscope
  • Leica inverted microscope with DIC, fluorescence, live imaging apparatus and video capability
  • dissecting fluorescent microscope
  • phase contrast microscope with epifluorescence
  • research quality light microscopes and phase contrast microscopes
  • Flaming/Brown micropipette puller
  • scanning densitometer
  • digital imaging station with 16-bit camera for imaging DNA gels, protein gels and chemiluminescent detection
  • digital video editing workstation
  • multifunction spectrofluorimeter plate reader with fluorescent and luminescent capability
  • two biosafety cabinet for tissue culture and full tissue culture setup
  • extracellular brain slice recording rig
  • several types of spectrophotometers, UV cross-linker, centrifuges, microcentrifuges, speedvac concentrator, CO2 incubators, bacterial incubators, chicken egg incubators,  -80oC freezers and other standard lab equipment.

In addition, facilities in the Froiland Science Complex include:

  • a vivarium
  • a triple environment greenhouse
  • a growth chamber room with four environmental growth chambers
  • a field vehicle
  • a boat
  • gear for terrestrial and aquatic field studies.