Dr. Elizabeth Babcock

Dr. Elizabeth Babcock (Department Chair)
Associate Professor, Cognitive Psychology

Dr. Babcock received her doctoral degree from Michigan State University. She is interested in how cognitive abilities (memory, attention and learning) are affected by real-world task demands, and how normal cognitive aging changes memory and attention abilities. In particular, she has investigated the effects of technology on creativity, Internet ads on attention, and how people can improve their abilities to learn names. Her courses include Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Sensation and Perception, and Human Lifespan Development. She has team-taught a course on ethical issues surrounding the use of digital technology. She enjoys taking long walks with her Labrador retriever (Seager), trying out new recipes with her husband, and visiting family back in Michigan.

Olivia Lima

Dr. Olivia Lima
Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology

Dr. Lima received her doctoral degree from the University of Virginia. Her broad area of interest is teaching and learning, as informed by the perspectives of cognitive, developmental, and educational psychology. Her current research focuses on preschoolers' word learning in the school setting, and her classes include Lifespan Development, Child Psychology, and Statistics. Beyond Augie, she is most closely involved with the development of her son Gabriel and daughter Sophia. Dr. Olivia Lima was one of two recipients to earn the Carole Bland cultivating Faculty Excellence Endowment in 2011-2012.


Dr. Benjamin JeppsenDr. Benjamin Jeppsen
Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Jeppsen received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Louisville. He teaches courses in counseling and psychotherapy, including both theory (Intro to Counseling and Psychotherapy) and skills/interventions (Human Relations). He also teaches Lifespan Development and Psychology of Religion and Christianity. Ben's research area is the psychology of religious experience, and he currently focuses on the relationship between private prayer and mental health. He plays percussion in the Augustana College/Community Band, and enjoys being a part of the Augie community. He is a bit of a batman nerd, but also loves to watch and participate in all sports.


Anne Zell

Dr. Anne Zell
Associate Professor, Social Psychology
CV  Pre-print available: Zell & Moeller (2017) Narcissism and “Likes”

Dr. Zell has a PhD in Social Psychology from Florida State University. She teaches courses in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, and General Psychology. She has a wide range of research interests that include social comparison, attitudes about deception in politics, reactions to political fact-checking, humility, and the "Dark Triad". Outside of school, Anne and her husband Andy and their kids William, Lucy, Abraham, and Virginia all love reading books, playing outside, making messes, and having snacks.


Emeritus Faculty


Dr. Casey Trainor

Dr. Casey Trainor
Professor Emeritus, In Memoriam (2020), Clinical Psychology


Dr. Christina DeVita

Dr. Christina DeVita
Professor Emerita (2014), Counseling Psychology


Dr. Michael Nedelsky

Dr. Nedelsky/Fr. Michael
Professor Emeritus (2011), Clinical Psychology


Dr. Dennis Larson
Professor Emeritus (2007), Psychology