Highlights, Special Features and Opportunities

German Club

Language Clubs

Join one of our Department sponsored and student run foreign language clubs: Le Cercle Français (French), Der Deutsch-Klub (German), and El Club Español (Spanish). Club members organize guest speakers, foreign films, conversation tables, and a variety of excursions and cultural events.

Honor Societies

We are also proud to sponsor three national foreign-language honor societies: Pi Delta Phi (Π Δ Φ, French), Delta Phi Alpha (Δ Φ Α, German) or Sigma Delta Pi (Σ Δ Π, Spanish). Students who meet the requirements for membership are invited to join and are eligible to apply for national scholarships for study abroad.

Celebration of Cultures

The department of Modern Foreign Languages coordinates the annual Celebration of Cultures series of events that features and celebrates world languages, cultures and literatures. The series offers guest speakers, foreign films, cultural productions, student research presentations, cooking classes, and more. We invite you to visit and/or subscribe to the online calendar.


Augie students seeking foreign language tutors are invited to consult our Celebration of Cultures calendar to find free, weekly, walk-in tutoring sessions. Students can also consult with their language instructor to arrange for tutoring. Upper-level language majors who wish to serve as tutors should apply with their major advisor.