Highlights, Special Features and Opportunities

If you are looking for a challenging educational experience that results in exciting, meaningful career opportunities, we hope you will consider becoming part of the physics department. Seminars, news, student groups, and outreach are all detailed below.

Society of Physics Students Chapter

The Augustana Chapter of Society of Physics Students (SPS) is an association designed to give students experience in professional settings that will develop skills needed for future work. The chapter is open to all students interested in physics. SPS provides students with the opportunity to attain skills that may not otherwise be acquired in course work. 

Outreach / Science Day

The physics department participates in outreach activities to the community to promote science. One of the most important is the annual Augustana Science Day. Both physics faculty and students participate in the sessions, demonstrations, and activities. Come see flames dance and things go boom! All in the name of science, of course.  

Drs. Alton and Wells are happy to talk to groups about physics topics. Dr. Alton has spoken with physics students in Harrisburg, Sioux Falls Washington and Sioux Falls Roosevelt about experiments being conducted at the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL/Sanford Lab/Homestake Mine). If you would like Dr. Alton or Dr. Wells to speak at your school, please contact us.

In addition, Dr Alton has participated in the Davis-Bachall Scholars program the last two years at Homestake.


Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are each Friday during the regular semester at 3 p.m. in the FSC.  All are welcome.