Student Printing

Student Printing at Augustana

Is Augustana charging to print? No.

We are using PaperCut as a way to get you to "think before you print". You would be amazed how may sheets of paper are printed and never picked up off the printer. We are trying to cut down on that kind of unnecessary printing and save a tree. We have assigned each student a balance of $50. This is not a charge, it is just a credit to the PaperCut account. This balance will decline as you print. When you reach $0 your account will go to a negative balance, but you will not be charged.

We are using page counts we collect this year to help us decide how we manage printing next year. Our hope is that using Paper Cut will reduce the number of pages printed campus wide. Information gathered this year will be used to set reasonable printing numbers for next year.

  • PaperCut is now up and running on residence hall lab printers, also Madsen and Library printers.  
  • Your old printer connection to the lab printer will no longer work
  • You will need to install PaperCut and the new printer drivers.

Printing from your Windows Computer

Printing from your Mac Computer

Web Printing with PaperCut

Printing from Labs on Campus - PaperCut and lab print drivers are already installed. Just be sure PaperCut is running to print.