Meet Lindsay (Voss) Wilber '03

Head volleyball coach at Dakota Wesleyan University
Mitchell, South Dakota
— elementary education major, with a coaching endorsement

Q. How did you choose Augustana?

A. I was recruited in high school to play volleyball and visited many colleges and universities. I felt the most at home at Augustana. It was close to enough to home, had a small community feel, academically strong, and had great volleyball coaches in Kim Sudbeck and Stephanie Barth that I knew I would be able to grow under.

Life at Augie

Q. Favorite class and why?

A. I loved all classes that involved the athletic department. I really enjoyed the Physiology of Exercise class with Dr. Sherry Barkley and Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries class with Brian Gerry.

Q. Favorite professor and why?

A. The people at Augustana are the ones that had the most influence on me. Besides my coaches, it was people like Marie Barth, Karen Madsen and the late Larry Borgum. Individuals that truly love Augustana College and show support for the student athletes in every aspect of their life.

Q. Best Augie memory?

A. Winning the NCAA D II regional volleyball championship by beating SDSU and hosting the National Tournament. 8 teams from around the country came to Augie for the event. We beat the University of North Alabama, West Texas A and M and played Hawaii Pacific in the championship. We were defeated in the championship, but that week was one to remember. It was so much fun to share with my teammates, friends, family, and the community of Sioux Falls.

After Augie

Q. Tell us about your journey after graduating from Augustana – first job, grad school, travel, etc.

A. My journey has been one that has changed quite a few times. It is almost like I need a timeline posted on my fridge to keep up. After graduation, I was a teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School in Sioux Falls for three years. My husband and I then started our family. I decided to stay home with my children while running an in home daycare. When my twin boys were old enough for preschool, I went back to teaching. I taught 4th and 5th grade for 3 years at St. Lambert Catholic School in Sioux Falls. Then, in the summer of 2013 Matt accepted the head men’s basketball coaching position at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD and I was able to obtain a first grade teaching position in Ethan, SD. After one year there, the head volleyball position opened up at Dakota Wesleyan and I stepped in.

Q. Tell us about your career – what’s an average day like?

A. An average day changes depending on the time of year. Currently, I conduct training workouts with my volleyball athletes on a daily basis. I am busy during this time of year recruiting future DWU Tigers. I will send emails, texts, letters, call potential student athletes, and attend as many tournaments and practices as possible to see as many high school athletes play. In the fall, my days are mainly filled with practice and match preparation. We are in NAIA GPAC Conference and we will have 2-3 matches a week and travel for some of those matches, so there is a lot of prep work with that as well. Recruiting is always a priority and I travel to see high school athletes during their high school season. All year long, a coach’s number one concern is the well-being of their student athlete. I constantly am checking grades, making sure they are getting to class, and making good, healthy choices in life.

Q. Greatest challenges and best rewards of your current role?

A. The greatest challenge is balancing my family’s schedules. Having two college coaches in the home can be interesting at times when you have 4 children that also have needs. We are busy, busy, busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Both of our mothers are retired now and help when needed. The best reward is watching your student athletes succeed and not just in the sport they play. Dakota Wesleyan University is a small campus where everyone knows everyone else. We all have the same goal for our students and that is see them achieve great things in life. The support here is amazing and I really try to pass that on to my players.

Q. Greatest professional accomplishment thus far?

A. Last fall was my first year at the helm and we won a conference match, which we hadn’t in the previous 2 years.

Q. What’s next for you professionally?

A. Keep plugging away here at Dakota Wesleyan University. I have high expectations for this program and where I believe we can be in the future. Now, it is up to me to put the pieces together to make that happen.

Q. If you could offer a prospective or existing Augie student some advice, what would you say?

A. Enjoy your time in college, make connections, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

At Home

Q. Tell us about your family.

A. My husband, Matt and I have been married for 9 years. We both are head coaches at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD. We have twin boys, Anthony (A.J.) and Benjamin (Benny) who are 8, Nathan is 6 years old, and Tyson is 2 years old. We live one block from the DWU campus and love the community. Our older boys are involved with basketball, baseball, and various church functions. As a family, anything competitive, like a kickball game in the backyard is what we enjoy doing the most. We also enjoy going to movies, going on bike rides, swimming, and playing golf.

Q. What’s given you the greatest personal satisfaction since graduating from Augie? And why?

A. My greatest personal satisfaction is what I receive in raising our four young boys. Children can present you with challenges, head scratching moments, and moments of “who’s kids are these.” But the fun times and moments when your children discover something new for the first time, score a basket, or learn their multiplication facts are the memories that are the most gratifying and make me smile. 

Q. A foundation for life at Augustana begins with our five core values – Christian Faith, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service. How did your time at Augustana help to ensure those values remain central in your life? 

A. The community of Augustana always stood out for me. Matt and I both have always strived to find a home and place of work that reflected a strong knit community. We have found that where we currently are.