Augustana’s Eide/Dalrymple Gallery Features ‘The Augustana Senior Show’

Rachel Bachman, “A Day Dream,” oil on canvas, 2020.

The Eide/Dalrymple Gallery at Augustana University opens “The Augustana Senior Show” — celebrating nine graduating art majors and their senior portfolios. The Augustana Senior Show will be on view from Thursday, April 22, through Commencement 2021, on Saturday, May 22. A virtual gallery reception with awards and talks by graduating artists will be held on Friday, April 23, via Zoom, at 7 p.m. CST.

Nate Meredith ‘21 said, “I knew the value of a liberal arts college when I came to Augustana. It is one of the reasons I chose to enroll. However, I had yet to fully comprehend the possibilities of it. And, this — having two seemingly isolated majors work together — is one of the possibilities.”

On exhibit is a wide variety of works including ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, painting, drawing, digital photography and graphic design. Beyond the diversity of mediums, each of the graduating seniors brings their own unique approaches to their art making, informed by their wide range of second majors, minors and extra curricular activities that formed their liberal arts education.  

“Most people don’t see the correlation between art and football, however, both require passion in order for progression to happen,” noted Meredith, who balanced majors in art and business alongside his time on the football field. “If you care about something, then you can overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. My schedule wasn’t easy, but it allowed me to grow and push towards my goals of using my graphic design skills in the field of business.”

“I remember being nervous going into my first advising meeting because I thought my professor would tell me I’d have to choose one. Little did I know, both majors support each other quite well!” said Skylar Ross ‘21, a double major art and anthropology, who found that her skills in drawing and photography were important in her work at archaeology sites in the field. “Both majors explore different ways of interpreting the world. Anthropology asks us to leave behind bias and preconceived notions, and approach other cultures with an open mind. Art teaches us to look at the world through a new lens, one that allows us to question and relate to things we would otherwise not give thought to.”

“While in my biology courses, I would envision sculptures, paintings and beautiful images as the molecules and rhythmic processes are presented to me. Conversely, in my art courses, I build, create and attempt to depict what I am learning in biology,” said Jenna Siganos ‘21, a double major in biology and art, who thinks science and art are complements. “You cannot have one without the other and I will continue to utilize both in my future endeavors.”

Please visit and view all of the talent, dreams and envisioned possibilities created by Augustana’s graduating artists. The featured artists, include:

  • Sarah N. Anderson ‘21, of Rosemount, Minnesota — Art Major

  • Rachel Bachman ‘21, of Omaha, Nebraska — All-Grades Education Major and Art Major

  • Kellie Enderson ‘21, or Benson Minnesota — Computer Information Systems and Pre-Professional Art Major, German Minor

  • Autumn Hilton ‘21, of Bridgewater, South Dakota  — Art and K-12 Education Major

  • Nate Meredith ‘21, of Denver, Colorado — Art and Business Major

  • Maia Peterson ‘21, of Roseville, Minnesota — Art Major

  • Skylar Ross ‘21, of Hill City, South Dakota — Anthropology and Art Major

  • Jenna K. Siganos ‘21, of Sioux Falls — Art and Biology Major, French Minor

  • Cassie Soma ‘21, of Spencer, Iowa — Art Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

This exhibition is generously sponsored by the families of Palmer Eide and Ogden Dalrymple.  


  1. Maia Peterson, “Circle Game,” mixed media on paper, 2021.

  2. Jenna Siganos, “Sketchbook,” colored pencil, 2021.

  3. Cassie Soma, “The Clot,” acrylic on canvas, 2020.

About the Eide/Dalrymple Gallery

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The Eide/Dalrymple Gallery is named after pioneering Augustana University art professors Palmer Eide and Ogden Dalrymple. Many of their collaborative works are spread throughout the campus.

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