Augustana University to Offer MBA Degree Program

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Building upon the quality education provided by the business department, Augustana University is adding a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree to its graduate education portfolio. The new program follows an intensive study regarding regional and national employment data, as well as feedback received from the Sioux Falls business community and alumni.  

Augustana will launch two versions of the MBA program – a 4+1 option for current undergraduate students and a two-year option for working professionals who have already earned a bachelor's degree. Unique to the MBA degree is a Leadership Academy where students will be aligned with mentors who are leaders in their respected fields. The intent is to provide an invaluable link between academic theories and on-the-job realities in order to build upon community-integrated learning to address public and business needs. The university will be accepting online applications for the MBA program beginning in December and will be open until Feb. 15, 2020.

Beginning in the fall of 2020, the 4+1 option will provide undergraduate students the ability to earn both their bachelor's degree and an MBA within five years. The first cohort will be limited to 18 students.

In the summer of 2021, a two-year program for working professionals will begin. It will be offered as a hybrid program – delivered both online and in the classroom. It will provide added convenience to working adults who want the flexibility of online courses while having a classroom experience with peers and faculty.

“Students are very interested in moving up in their organizations and they want to lead,” said Jaciel Keltgen, Ph.D., assistant professor of business. "Our feasibility study showed that an MBA program is in high demand.”

Established to foster collaborative, inventive and ethical leaders, the Augustana MBA program is intentionally designed around rigorous courses in such academic areas as communication, economics, and management information systems. Underlying each course is a focus on leadership and integrity. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills through mentorship and service opportunities in the community.

Dr. Keltgen further explained, “Our advisory board, consisting of professionals throughout the state, provided important feedback about what is expected from graduates. A lot of business leaders know about the outstanding education and quality of students at Augustana, and that’s why we see 100% placement for our business majors. To supplement our MBA curriculum, we have instituted a Leadership Academy where students will work with a mentor to enhance their learning experience.”

The combination of ethics-oriented, challenging coursework with integrated opportunities for leadership development provides a path for current students to continue their education and personal development at Augustana.

Augustana Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the University Dr. Colin Irvine stated, "We are very proud of the fact that Augustana's business graduates are highly recruited and hired for positions related to their major or their chosen field of interest. We are especially pleased that our students, who work closely in and out of the classroom with Augustana's renowned and caring professors, are building a solid foundation of professional knowledge while developing vital skills related to such areas as critical thinking, communications, and leadership."

The MBA program joins the Master of Professional Accountancy and Master of Arts in Sports Administration and Leadership in Augustana’s growing graduate business program, plus four other master’s degree programs at the university.

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