Class of 2018: 98% Job Placement

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According to a new report, 98 percent of recent Augustana grads seeking employment are employed in a position related to their major or chosen field. 

A newly published report by Augustana University shows that 98 percent of 2018 graduates – defined as undergraduates who completed degrees between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018 – found employment in their chosen field. This continues Augustana’s history of graduate success: The five-year average is an impressive 98 percent as well. 

Employment data, as well as other post-graduation activities and destinations for members of the Augustana Class of 2018 is detailed in the Outcomes Report, published by the Augustana Student Success Center.

Key Statistics About the Augustana Class of 2018

  • 98 percent of 2018 Augustana grads seeking employment are employed in a position related to their major or chosen field.
  • 22 percent are pursuing grad school and/or continuing education.
  • Among those who secured employment and reported their geographical location, 60 percent are working in South Dakota, of which 94 percent are employed in the Sioux Falls region. In addition to the local impact, graduates self-reported working in 24 states and several foreign countries.
  • Top occupational classifications for 2018 grads include:
    • Health care and technical
    • Education
    • Business, professional and financial
    • Arts, design and entertainment
  • The median salary reported by 2018 AU grads was $47,736.
  • While at Augustana, 97 percent of grads participated in key engaged learning opportunities, such as experiential learning, internships, co-curricular activities, volunteerism, undergraduate research, clinicals, student teaching, study abroad and more.

"This report highlights Augustana’s commitment to producing a diversified and experienced workforce," said Billie Streufert, executive director of Augustana’s Student Success Center.  

"Our professors challenge students to think globally and teach vital 21st century skills like critical thinking and effective communication. Students are building a foundation of knowledge and leave Augustana ready to make a difference in their career fields."

Billie Streufert
AU Executive Director, Student Success Center

Streufert added, “Outside the classroom, Augustana offers a wealth of applied learning opportunities that include internships, student teaching, undergraduate research, clinical work, volunteerism, study abroad and more. That experience, combined with the connections our students build throughout their time at Augustana, prepares students for their first job after graduation as well as future career opportunities."

The Augustana Experience

In addition to employment and grad school placement details, the Outcomes Report also captures key data points that illustrate how satisfied members of the Class of 2018 were with their Augustana experience.

  • 96 percent of respondents were satisfied with their experience at Augustana.
  • 98 percent agreed that Augustana is passionate about the long-term success of its students.
  • 97 percent agreed that professors at Augustana cared about them.

Read the full Outcomes Report.

Nikki Troxclair
Vice President of Strategic Communications