Junior Wins Scientific Photography Contest

Augustana University junior wins scientific photography contest.

"Endless Fractions," a photo taken by AU junior Kevin Dolge, is featured in Chemical and Engineering News.

"Endless Fractions," a photo series taken by AU junior Kevin Dolge, won the April "Chemistry in Pictures" photo contest hosted by Chemical and Engineering News, a weekly periodical published by the American Chemical Society.

See the photo series online.

The photos were taken last summer when Dolge, an ACS chemistry major from Brandon, South Dakota, worked with Augustana's Dr. Barrett Eichler (chemistry) on a research project entitled "The Synthesis of Anthracene-Based Triarylamine Dyes for Solar Cells.”

The photos were taken under ultraviolet light after Dolge separated a number of different fluorescent compounds using a technique called flash column chromatography.

In addition to having his photos featured in a national journal, Dolge won a $50 prize and is now eligible to win a new digital camera in the competition's grand prize drawing.