Recent Graduate Joins Disney

Augustana University senior Brianne Bernard will work for Disney after graduation.

AU senior Brianne Bernard shows her congratulatory notification from the Disney College Program.

After graduation, AU senior Brianne Bernard joined the Disney College Program.

We caught up with the business administration graduate and Sioux Falls native to learn more about her future role.

Q. Tell us about your position with Disney – what will your chief responsibilities be?

A. I will be working in a merchandise position at one of the four Walt Disney World parks. My role will include everything from selling merchandise to providing information to guests and engaging them in conversation.

Q. How did this opportunity come about? What was the application/interview process like?

A. I applied for the Disney College Program ... once I filled out the initial application, I participated in a questionnaire-based test. There were many personality questions as well as questions involving choosing which relates more to you. After that, I had to set up a time to do a phone interview with a Disney representative. Once that was completed I waited two weeks before I received an email that I was accepted into the program.

Q. How does this position relate to your future career goals?

A. This position will provide me with great experience in sales which will be very beneficial to any future career I have in business. The program will also provide me with great opportunities to network with Disney professionals which will assist me in any future opportunities I will have.

Q. What is your dream job?

A. I would love to continue having a career with Disney or one of its affiliates after I have completed the Disney College Program, although I am not sure which field. As of right now I would love to work with Disney’s marketing and advertising teams in creating ads for the company.

Q. What's been your favorite class at Augie so far, and why?

A. Even though I have enjoyed many classes at Augustana, and it is hard to have a favorite, I would say my favorite and probably most influential class was "Photoshop," which I took during J-Term my freshman year. This class sparked my love for graphic design and allowed me to receive many of the future positions in my college career. I cannot imagine where I would be if I had never taken this class.

Q. Most influential professors so far, and why?

A. Jaciel Keltgen (business administration), hands down! Jaciel has been an incredible resource and an amazing advisor. She was actually the reason I decided to go to Augustana in the end because she cared so much about what I wanted to do and she wanted to help me achieve my dream of receiving an internship/job with Disney – which I did. Her classes are always interesting and they provide me with real-world experience that I can utilize in jobs and internships.

Q. Looking back on your time at Augie, what's been your most memorable experience? And why?

A. I have had many great experiences at Augustana, but I think my most memorable experience was being a part of the Augustana Student Association (ASA) and Outreach through Campus Ministry. Being able to make a difference within the Augustana campus through ASA is an honor and I was glad that I was able to participate in it. Outreach also allowed me to grow in my faith and develop great friendships with many students of a variety of majors and grades.