Ole Email

Get started with your new Augustana Google Apps ole.augie.edu account with these Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get to my email account?

You can go to www.augie.edu/students and click the email link. This page will let you access your Augustana email account. You can also just type mail.ole.augie.edu and you will go to your Augustana Gmail account.

What is my email address?


I use a POP or IMAP client to read my mail from OLE. What do I need to do?

  • Login to your Google Apps account. Click on Settings then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Click on Enable POP or IMAP which ever you choose to use then use these setting
  • Your incoming server name is pop.gmail.com
  • Your outgoing server name is smtp.gmail.com
  • Your user name is your full address username@ole.augie.edu
  • Make sure to check "Outgoing server requires authentication"
  • Make sure to set your Port to 465 for outgoing mail and port 995 for incoming mail
  • Make sure to check - this server requires SSL for both incoming and outgoing mail

I would like to forward my OLE mail to another account. What do I need to do?

Login to your Augustana Google Apps account and set up forwarding there. Once in your account click on Settings and then POP/IMAP and fill in the required box.

How do I find other student’s email addresses?

  • In your mail account, click on Compose Mail.
  • Click on Choose from contacts below the To: field to bring up your shared address book.
  • In the pop-up window, you'll see a list labeled Most Contacted, which contains your most frequently used contacts. To see a list of all your personal contacts, click on All Contacted. To send to people on these lists, simply click on all the contacts you want to send to to add them to the To: field below. Note: These lists are both propagated from your personal contacts. If your account is new, these lists may be empty.
  • To send to a user at your domain who isn't included in your personal contacts list, simply type the first few letters of their first name, last name, or username into the search box. You can also search for a nickname or email list. When your desired contact appears, click on the name to add that contact to the To: field.
  • When you've added all the contacts you wish to send to, click Done to compose and send your message to the selected contacts.
  • Once you've sent to a contact from your shared address book, they'll be added to your contacts list. The next time you want to send them a message, their email address will auto-complete as you begin to type it.
  • Your mail account will auto-complete the names of users at your domain when you begin to type them in the To: field while composing a message.

How do I find email addresses for faculty?

All faculty and staff addresses can be found in the Buzz Book on my.augie.edu. Just be sure to click the faculty/staff tab.

How do I change my Augustana Google Apps password?

Current students should use the Augustana Portal to change their current password.

Alumni (former students) should use Google Apps settings to change their ole.augie.edu password.

Are there quick ways to get to the different pieces of my Google Apps account?

  • mail.ole.augie.edu will get you to your Inbox
  • start.ole.augie.edu will get you to your Start up page
  • docs.ole.augie.edu will get you to your documents
  • calendar.ole.augie.edu will get you to your Google calendar