For Parents

What to expect?

     Augustana University is committed to both the physical and emotional health of each and every student. Our counseling services are provided by Sioux Falls Psychological Services, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary group of more than a dozen mental health professionals.


     Confidentiality is a vital piece of the counseling process. Students must feel what is discussed in their counseling sessions will be kept between them and the counselor they are working with. During their first session of counseling, the counselor will talk through the counseling process along with confidentiality.

     Parents may call the Dean of Student's Office to express concerns, seek guidance and ask questions and we will work with them in areas of support. If parents call the Sanford Health Campus Clinic or Sioux Falls Psychological Services, they will not be given any information on their student due to the limits of confidentiality.

     Students may sign a release of information giving their counselor permission to share certain information with certain individuals.

     The exceptions to confidentiality occur when the counselor believes the student is a harm to themselves or other. In these cases, the counselor will be in contact with the Dean of Student's Office for additional action to be taken.

On-Campus Support Resources

  • Dean of Students Office – 605.274.4124
  • Center for Campus Life – 605.274.5215
  • Campus Ministries – 605.274.5403
  • Student Academic Support Services – 605.274.5503
  • Augustana Helpline – 605.274.5548

Ongoing Support for Students

     The stress of college and working through the transition from home to campus during the first year can create feelings of stress. For some students, establishing an appointment with a counselor at the beginning of the academic year may help with this transition.

     Students can contact the Dean of Student's office (605.274.4124) with concerns regarding support services.