Parking on City Streets

Augustana University is located in the middle of several residential neighborhoods. All the streets surrounding the campus are owned by the City of Sioux Falls and parking is regulated by city ordinance.

Due to limited on-campus parking, we understand that some students will have to park on city streets. We ask that anyone parking on a city street become familiar with city ordinances pertaining to parking in this area. Signage is everywhere and you should confirm you are parking where the signs allow.

Parking tips:

A vehicle parked on a city street for more than 24 hours will be considered abandoned and subject to ticketing and towing. While the City does not necessarily monitor parking so close as to determine if every car has been moved every 24 hours, the neighbors may. If you are parked in front of someone's house in the campus neighborhood remember to move the vehicle every 24 hours.

Two-Hour Parking

There are also several areas around the campus that have signs designated the street parking as being for two hours during identified times of the day. Check for parking signs before you leave your vehicle and make sure you understand how long you can park where you are.

The City of Sioux Falls enforces all parking on city streets around the campus. If you have any question or concern about street parking, call the City of Sioux Falls Public Parking Office, 605.367.8170 or the Sioux Falls Police Department, 605.367.7212.

Can't Locate Your Car?

If your car is not where you left it — call the Sioux Falls Police Department at 605.367.7000 to determine if it was towed or to report it stolen.