As a biology major at Augustana, you are the scientist. You’ll learn how to ask questions, think critically and problem solve. 

The biology department places a strong emphasis on learning opportunities outside the classroom. Each summer, approximately 30 Augustana Biology students conduct research at Augustana or in research labs in Sioux Falls and beyond at places like MIT, Harvard Medical School, U. of Texas, and Vanderbilt. These students gain valuable experience presenting their research at local, regional and national scientific meetings. Many are also involved in the publication of their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  • Facilities and Equipment: Our new equipment, including an array of microscopes, is utilized by students for research as well as for course work.
  • Student Projects: Augustana students are routinely co-authors on papers submitted for publication and conference abstracts. We support our research through several grants including an NIH grant providing $500,000 per year for undergraduate research and new equipment.