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WebEc—lists and describes material that could be of interest to mainly academic economists and is (at least in part) freely available on the Internet: General economics collections, economics institutions, libraries, news, communication, economists, conferences, and jobs.

Research Resources

Economic Periodicals

  • Dollars & Sense—A Bi-Monthly Magazine of Economic Issues and Opinion. It is the only progressive economics magazine in the country written for a popular audience.
  • Challenge
  • The Economist

Biographical Information and Portraits

Schools of Thought

  • Great Economists and Their Times—This publication traces the development of the major schools of economic thought through the work of ten important economists. A chronicle of historical events recounts the politics, social environment and intellectual climate of each decade in which the famous economists lived.
  • History of Macroeconomic Thought—(Student Economic Review, University of Dublin) Provides a synopsis of what the authors regard to be the core influential schools of thought.



  • Association For Institutional Thought (AFIT)
  • American Economic Association
  • Association For Evolutionary Economics—The Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) is an international organization of economists and other social scientists devoted to analysis of economics as evolving, socially constructed and politically governed systems.

Careers and Jobs in Economics

For Fun