Break Housing Information

Campus will be closed during Spring Break (including the residence halls) and students should plan on going home during this time.  We understand that there are some circumstances where students need to remain on campus.  These students can fill out the Break Housing Application.

  • The Residence Halls will close on Saturday, March 27 at noon and will reopen Monday, April 5 at 8am.
  • Your student ID will not get you into the residence halls during these times so you must be approved for break housing in order to stay.
  • You will need to fill out the application if you need to stay for all or part of the break
  • Please review our break housing policies and procedures.
  • This application is due Friday, March 19 by 5pm.

Please note that the Dining Hall will be closed starting Saturday, March 27 and will remain closed throughout the break.  They will resume services for the 5pm meal on Monday, April 5.  The Campus Cupboard remains available for students.  Check out more information here.

Apartments and Theme Houses

Apartments and theme houses remain open during all break periods.  If you live in an apartment or theme house, you do not need to fill out the Break Housing Application.