Housing Agreement

Residency Requirement
As a residential university, Augustana affirms the value of living in community and therefore requires students to have an on-campus living experience. Augustana’s two-year* residency policy requires students who are are enrolled full-time to reside in campus housing and purchase a residential meal plan during their first and second year* unless the student:

  1. Identifies as a part-time student during the academic year covered by this housing agreement (enrolls in less than 12 credits in both fall and spring semesters), or
  2. Is married or has parent/guardian status for a dependent child, or
  3. Resides at the same address in the Sioux Falls area with a parent or legal guardian, or
  4. Graduated from high school at least two years before the commencement of this academic year.

*Residency requirement is based upon the number of years a student has attended college or experienced other post-high school experiences as opposed to academic credits earned.

  • Permission to be waived from the residency requirement is granted by the Center for Campus Life.
  • Meal plan requirement: First and second year students living in campus housing are required to participate in a residential meal plan.Third and fourth year students must contact the Center for Campus Life to waive the meal plan requirement or enroll in an approved meal plan.

Agreement Term
The housing agreement is binding for the entire academic year (fall semester, interim, spring semester).

Property Deposit, Charges and Refunds
A completed housing contract is a prerequisite to live in campus housing.    
A housing deposit is required to reserve housing. The deposit balance must be maintained at a $100 level at the beginning of every academic year. Property deposits are used to cover costs associated with damage to property and other housing related charges.

  • Students who are otherwise eligible to live off-campus and do not return to campus housing the following academic year (semester) will notify the Campus Life Office by the following dates to avoid forfeiture of the property deposit:
    • deadline to cancel fall semester housing - June 1
    • deadline to cancel spring semester housing - December 1. This is the deadline for new residents who enroll in the University starting the following Interim or Spring. Current on-campus residents who cancel before December 1 will still be assessed the cancellation fee, since the housing contract is binding for the entire academic year.
  • Third and fourth-year students (or beyond) who cancel after the deadline but before the semester classes begin will be assessed a $400 cancellation fee and forfeit the property deposit.
  • Under certain circumstances such as participation in a university-sponsored off-campus program (i.e., domestic or study abroad) or withdrawal from the university, students may be eligible for a refund. All current university refund policies will apply.
  • Students required to live in campus housing but either fail to occupy assigned housing or move off-campus after the first seven days of class are subject to the entire charge for room and board for the semester.
  • Students who check-in to assigned housing at the beginning of an academic semester, and who are otherwise eligible to reside off-campus, may request to cancel housing if the request is made within the first seven days of classes. A $500 will be assessed ($400 cancellation fee and $100 rent for one week).
  • Financial Aid in the form of Augustana Gift Assistance is intended to assist students with the cost of campus housing and dining. Students who do not live in campus housing will experience an adjusted financial award award of Augustana Gift Assistance (prorated at 80% to reflect a 10% reduction for housing and 10% for an approved meal plan). For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • Corporate Assessments. Students, individually and collectively are financially responsible for damages that occur in the common areas of their campus housing facility (hallways, lounges, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.). There will be a $20 minimum charge (charged to student account) for any damage to campus housing facilities.  An important tenet of living in community with others is holding neighbors, friends and classmates responsible and accountable for their actions. Corporate fines are typically billed at the end of the academic term.

Housing Assignment

Housing assignments are made for new students by staff in the Center for Campus Life. Every effort is made to accommodate mutual requests for roommates. In accordance with the University's non-discrimination policy and procedures, roommates are assigned without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, pregnancy, citizenship, familial status,national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, or disability.

If an applicant for housing fails to occupy the assigned accommodation on or before the second day of classes without given notice, the room may be assigned to another student. In the event the applicant arrives later than the said date, other housing will be assigned as available. Refer to section above (Property Deposit, Charges and Refunds).

Housing Changes

Room and roommate assignments may not be changed without approval of the Hall Director or designated Campus Life staff.

Augustana reserves the right to change a room assignment and/or adjust a room charge when a student becomes a single occupant of a room designated for double occupancy. The affected student shall be given opportunity to consider each of the the following options: (1) find a roommate, (2) consolidate with a student who is also in a single occupied room, (3) or (if occupancy needs allow) pay for a single occupancy room.

When a student participates in a university sponsored program, domestically or abroad, for a  semester, the roommate will be charged a mid-level room rate for that semester. A mid-level room rate is approximately 1.2 times the established rate for double room occupancy.

Enrollment Status

Priority for housing is given to students enrolled full-time (12 credits or more) in a degree granting program. Part-time students are welcome to live on-campus as space is available. A student must registered for at least one class to be guaranteed a room in campus housing.


It is the responsibility of every student to be familiar with and to comply with the University’s Code of Student Conduct and the Community Standards for Housing.

Denial or Suspension of Housing

The University may exercise reasonable authority, in its sole and absolute discretion, to deny or remove from housing any individual if it is believed that they pose a threat to the safety, health or welfare of oneself, of other persons, or property.

Room Condition

Students living in campus housing will complete a room inventory form during the check-in process. Occupants are financially responsible for maintaining the space and furnishings in good working order and free from damage.

Transfer of Occupancy (Subletting)

This housing agreement is not transferable from the assigned occupant(s) to another. Subletting (renting, leasing, lending, housesitting, or otherwise occupying) is prohibited. Room keys and card access are only issued to assigned occupants and may not be transferred or loaned to another person.

Holidays and Breaks

Campus housing is normally closed during vacation periods, re-opening at noon the day before classes begin. During most academic breaks, housing is available for those with special circumstances. Students may request vacation housing from the Center for Campus Life. A nominal daily fee is charged unless required to stay on campus for authorized university programs and employment.