Augustana utilizes seven apartment buildings for third and fourth year students, located on the periphery of campus, which house about 160 third and fourth-year students. All apartments are fully furnished. 

Balcer, Nelsen, and Svensdbye Apartments consist of four-bedroom apartments, each housing four students per apartment. Svendsbye has several 2-bedroom units as well.

Norse Inn Apartments consist of one- and two-bedroom apartments, each housing one to two students.

Schoememan Apartments are three-bedroom units, housing 3-4 students in each apartment. Schoeneman also has a 1-bedroom unit. 

Costello Hall apartments are mainly reserved for adult learners, married students, and students with families in one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Why Apartments?

Apartment living offers students the opportunity for that off-campus feel with an on-campus connection. Students are able to experience the autonomy of living on their own, while still maintaining a strong connection to the Augie on-campus community through convenient access to campus events, student activities and organizations, and facilities like the Morrison Commons and Elmen Center.